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Bargain Bikinis!!


I know you might not be ready to see yourself in a swimsuit, but Memorial Day will be here before you know it and Forever 21 has just launched their first ever swimwear collection!

They have a variety of bikinis and even a few monokinis…which I’m not a huge fan of. I hate regular bikini tan lines, so I can’t even imagine having to deal with the tan lines from those things!


They also have prints galore (be sure to check out the neon splatter style!) so no matter what your taste, I’m sure they’ll have something that’s to your liking.

And since this is F21 we’re talking about, the suits retail from $12.80 for separates to $22.80 for a monokini. At that price, I’ll be curious to check out the quality and the elasticity…a dead giveaway of a cheap swimsuit! I’m quite partial to suits from Target, Old Navy, and H&M but another budget swimwear line is always a welcome addition for a bikini junkie like me!

Click here to find a store near you that carries the collection!

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StyleFile: Cold Shoulder


Style Links (L to R): Grey Satin Bow Dress $43.50, Navy Striped Dress $37.50, Purple Bow Dress $49.50


Style Links (L to R): Star Print Dress $29.99, Color Block Dress $42, Nude Tunic $24.50

We knew the one-shoulder look would be a huge trend for Spring, but who knew it would stick around for Fall as well?  I saw many designers like Alexander Wang, Marchesa and Marc Jacobs send this style down the runway in updated fabrics and colors for Fall, but one thing remained the same…it’s still all about the shoulder!

I happen to love this look for the Spring and Summer and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these dresses…but don’t think you have to wait until the temperature warms up to wear them!  Pair these with tights (try a ligher hue instead of black) and strap on those sandals for the perfect transitonal outfit!

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Geek Chic

928d334bb0c50b48_goyard_computer_casexxlargeI can’t live without my MAC which is why I love my Macbook…it’s lightweight, does everything my desktop can, and even though it’s not the shiny new silver one, I still love it and honestly…I’m partial to the old school white ones!!

With such a sleek and stylish laptop, I can’t be expected to put it into one of those dorky, computer cases that they sell at Office Depot, so I’ve been searching for just the right case to carry my laptop in.  I saw this Goyard case in the January issue of Vogue and instantly fell in loooooooove, but the $830 price tag killed my crush.

yhst-73785562141542_2040_9382533Maybe one day if I ever become the CEO of some important TBD company I’ll reward myself with something this extravagant, but until then, I think something equally as stylish and much more budget-friendly, like this fab faux-croco one will have to do!

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40% Off at Old Navy


NOTE:  This is in store ONLY, so click here, print it out and SAVE!

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Get the Oscar Look…for Less

We all want to feel like a leading lady in our daily lives and even more so for special occasions, but since most of our budgets don’t allow for hair, make-up and wardrobe stylists here are some award-worthy looks inspired by some of the night’s most beautiful women…

picture-119Style Links: Dress, Earrings, Clutch

picture-32Style Links: Dress, Earrings, Clutch

picture-25Style Links: Dress, Clutch, Rhinestone Cuff

And here are some expert style tips from Naz Cupelian and Dominic Cruz to help you recreate the hair and make-up looks seen on the night’s biggest stars courtesy of Beauty Xpose:

nicole-kidmanWant Oscar-worth hair for your big night out?  International Hair Artist Naz Kupelian, a member of the elite Rusk© creative design team responsible for developing the latest hair trends, gives these tips for a soft, loose look with ethereal waves (as seen on Nicole Kidman):

  1. Part your hair on the side, pulling it back loosely to the side with pins.
  2. Get waves that begin from the eyes or the chin by wetting the hair and applying gel.
  3. Then, comb your hair from front to back until it forms a “S” shape. Notice that the top of the hair is flat yet polished – the focus of the look is on the ends of the hair.
  4. Dry your hair and then brush it again – this will give you the wave look to the front pieces.

For makeup, it doesn’t matter if you’re going for smoldering or sweet – it’s all about the glow. Dominic Cruz, professional make-up artist and educational director for Kryolan Professional Makeup, says you can get your skin glistening in five easy steps:

  1. First properly clean the skin to remove any oil or dirt from the skin.
  2. Next add a daily moisturizer, wait two minutes,  and apply a light coating of a silicone-based primer to even out the skin, creating a smooth and flawless surface
  3. For a natural look, use a tinted moisturizer, but DO NOT POWDER – it must remain dewy, which creates a healthy glow.
  4. For a little more coverage, try a cream foundation.  Apply with a foundation brush, blot with a tissue to remove any excess, and apply a loose powder, working in small circular motion from the chin on up to the temples and down the nose.  Repeat on the other side.
  5. For added glow, top it off with a little shimmer powder.

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Deal of the Week: Flower Power


I’m a heels girl, for sure…but I also can’t pretend that I don’t carry a pair of flats in my bag to change into on the walk to/from work!  There’s no way I can get through an entire day in a pair of 4″ stilettos and unfortunately, my budget doesn’t have room in it for a chauffeured town car to shuttle me around the city at my beckon call!

So the next best thing IMO is a cute pair of flats!  They pack up nicely, they’re lightweight, and thank to some great designers over at Old Navy, now they’re ador-a-ball!  These floral flats are a must-buy for the upcoming spring season and they’ll look super cute paired with just about anything from jeans to dresses…only $19.50 at Old Navy!

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Oscars: Best Dressed


All of these gorgeous women hit it out of the ballpark tonight!  It’s the Oscars and this is the occassion to go big or go home…they brought drama, shine, volume, exquisite detailing and each one of these dresses must have been from an Haute Couture collection because the were all unbelievable!!  I die!

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