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Fashion Emergency

picture-210I was packing for an appearance on QVC when I came across an product that I had never used…

I must have gotten it in a gift bag from some event and totally forgot that I even had it.  The product was called Mishap Tape and it looked like a fancy version of double-sided Scotch tape that I get for .99 cents at the Dollar store.

I was initially skeptical of the Mishap Tape from Miss Oops because who has the nerve to charge $6.99 for double sided tape???  Well, then I tried it.

I can now say I’m a dedicated user and unlike the Scotch tape, it didn’t leave behind a red mark, sticky residue, nor did it feel like someone was ripping off my skin when I went to remove it.

Miss Oops has an adorable line of products to help you avoid fashion faux pas (VPL anyone?) and help you get through those unexpected fashion emergencies!  They also make handy kits for only $18 that are specifically designed for the Holidays and for new Moms that I think would make great presents for all the fabulous women in your life!

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Shipping Deals from ASOS

picture-44One of my favorite on-line retailers, ASOS, is unfortunately based in London with no stores in the USA…that I know of.  Well today I got an early Christmas present from them in my inbox…

$6.00 shipping to the USA!!!

Place your order by December 4th (which is actually 12/3 for us) and they’ll only charge you as much as Old Navy does to send you much cuter and more fashion forward items all the way from the UK!

They currently have an incredible selection of Holiday dresses so be sure to check them out along with their amazing belts, shoes and jewelry…I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

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Season’s Greetings

il_430xn453133021Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I can start working on one of my favorite Holiday traditions!  I’m one of those people that still insist on sending a Christmas card so I’m always on the hunt for something truly unique to send out to my loved ones…

I don’t like sending anything too Christmas-y so when I found these I bought them right away.  I love the vintage quality about them and they’re just festive enough…no dancing snowmen or fat Santa’s on my Christmas cards!  And as a bonus, I get to save money on postage because these are actually postcards…

Check out the rest of the adorable products from Parrot Design Studio here.

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Fat Fashion

The day after Thanksgiving might be one of the worst days of the year to get dressed…you feel fat, overstuffed and pretty lethargic after eating all that turkey!


So here’s my advice…skip the jeans/pants and go for a comfortable pair of leggings paired with a loose tunic and a cozy sweater. You’ll look stylish and put-together, but the loose layers will mask any post-holiday bulge and more importantly, you’ll feel comfortable. If you’re venturing out to shop, or have plans that go beyond channel surfing and vegging out on the couch, opt for a chic pair of flat boots instead of heeled shoes for added comfort.

And if this look is still too minimal for your taste, add a colorful scarf and/or and a wide belt to help define your waist… something we all need help with on this day and throughout the Holiday season!

Style Links: Cable Knit Cardigan $26.90, Plaid Tunic $26.90, Belt $6.80, Tights $9.50, Scarf $12.50 Boots $74.99, Handbag $19.99

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Black Friday

black-fridayThis is all I will say on this topic since I don’t condone grown adults fighting over things…and if the sales are that good on Friday, can  you imagine how good they’re going to be the next day…or the next week???

But, if you insist on participating in the madness, GO EARLY…like as in the night before.  You’ll be the first in line for your $500 Flat Screen TV and will save yourself the embarrassment of having to trip an old lady in order to get the last one. 😉

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Leather and Lace

picture-43I have a confession to make…

I totally lost all control at Saks (thanks Melissa!) and totally splurged on a pair of Christian Louboutin Sigourney “Shoeties”.  They were originally $1030 and I got them for $250!!  I have been dying for a pair of these and considering the pair I wanted at Baker’s was $84.99, spending an extra $160 for the Loubs seemed totally reasonable.  I’m having a bit of buyer’s remorse because I hate spending more than $100 on anything, so now I am brainstorming on all the possible outfits I can wear these with…  


One of the biggest trends this season has been lace and nothing goes better with lace, than leather.  I love the idea of pairing something as romantic and feminine as lace with something tough and edgy like leather, but there are some definite no-no’s when wearing this fabric.

1. A little lace goes a long way, so opt for lace accents…no head to toe lace please.

2. At the risk of looking like a streetwalker, stay away from colored lace and stick to black and nude.

And if you’re not comfortable in the Prada-inspired lace pieces, then try a great accessory, like shoes or a handbag instead.  Here are my picks for some of the best lace out there, and don’t worry, they’re all priced much lower than my fabulous new shoeties!!!

Style Links: Handbag $16.80, Vest $19.90, Lace Tights $19.99, Racerback Tank $28.00, Dress $40.80, Shoes $20.00, Silk Tank $7.99

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Laid-Back Lauren

laurenfedoraWhile I don’t think LC is worthy of having the title “fashion designer” on her short resume, I do admire her laid back, California style.  She always manages to look chic and put together, whether she’s at FIDM (like in this pic) or getting coffee with Lo…she knows how to strike just the right balance with her fashion choices and never looks overly done like her arch nemesis, Heidi.  

lcpolyI for one love hats, so when I saw her in this fedora last week, I dusted mine off and put it back into my winter hat rotation.  I also loved that she went for a men’s wear inspired look, but still managed to make it sexy by adding a pair of ultra high heels.  I chose this pair of T-Straps from Nine West becasue they not only look great with jeans, but will also look incredible with skirts, dresses and just about anything (including dark opaque tights!).  And… I just can’t say no to a shoe this versatile and cute when it’s only $29.99!!

Style Links: Shirt $21.99, Jeans $39.50, Fedora $14.80, Handbag $14.80, Shoes $29.99, Pyramid Bangle $4.80

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