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Literary L.C.


LC has added yet another title to her ever-growing resume…author.   The Hills starlet has penned the first in a series of books based on her not-s0-real life in LA.  The book will follow the story of a 19-year old girl as she moves to La La land, lands and internship and finds her own way…sound familiar??  I’m sure this was a huge mental stretch for Ms. Conrad but on a positive note, the cover is super-cute!!

The book hits shelves on June 16th.  So what do you think of LC’s latest project…will you be reading LA Candy?

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From Zoe to Zero


According to the New York Post, Rachel Zoe is seriously pissing off her celebrity clients like Debra Messing and Cameron Diaz. So much so, that Debra supposedly gave the tiny fashionista a pink slip!  Her clients are annoyed that Zoe is working on her reality show too much and losing focus when it comes to her first job (and the reason she even has a TV show), styling.

Rachel can do no wrong in my book and as far as I’m concerned these stars are just jealous that they now have to share the spotlight with Rachel and that the rest of us get to pick up on her styling tips free of charge!  And Debra Messing, really??  She’s got bigger, brighter stars to worry about like Oscar nominated, Anne Hathaway!

Some seem think that Rachel needs her celeb clients to survive in this business and make a good TV show, but let’s not forget that this woman’s life would be worth watching if just for the clothes and accessories…and Brad of course!

Bring back my ZOE TV already!!

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Technicolor Nightmare

picture-311One of the biggest trends on the red carpet was color…unfortunately, these gowns were not the way to do color.   The first dress isn’t even that bad, and I actually like the rich green shade…unfortunately, the overall styling totally missed the mark.

Christina Applegate is usually on my best dressed list, but this green sack thing did her amazing body no favors.  If she wanted to be comfortable, she should have at least upped the glam factor with standout jewelry.  That long diamond necklace totally looks out of place and it only emphasizes the general messiness of the dress.  The earrings look like a solar system hoovering around her face and she really needed pick something more classic and elegant to elevate the casualness of the gown.

And what happened to Eva Longoria??  She truly wowed in that stunning red gown at the Golden Globes, but she must have asked Robert Verdi to dress her again because she’s back to the overdone, over styled prom-queen business again.

My general feeling about tonight’s red carpet looks was …boooooring.  These women left me wanting and expecting more, so let’s hope and pray that the Oscar’s really deliver!

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The Short List

picture-129That was easy…when there’s that many fashion DONTS on a red carpet, it makes my job very simple.

Here are the women who actually remembered that they were attending the SAG awards tonight and who decided to actually dress like the movie stars that they are.

Anne chose white, the hottest color for this Awards season, and looked like a goddess in that Grecian inspired Azzaro gown but she should have used a hair stylist in addition to her wardrobe stylist…I do not care for that hair.

Kate Winslet just gets more and more beautiful every time I see her and she’s radiant in this cobalt blue number.  And more power to her for showing us again and again that real women do have curves!

Rounding out my top 4 are America Ferrara in a beautifully draped nude Vera Wang number, which combined two usually blah neutrals and made them totally WOW, and my favorite princess, Amy Adams in a rich Violet Giambattista Valli gown.  I didn’t love Amy’s dress when I first saw it because of the bows, but once I saw the gown up close and realized that they weren’t actually bows, I quickly changed my mind.  The color is striking against her skin tone and the loose column silhouette is a nice contrast to the corseted top.  She looks sexy, yet elegant at the same time.

What do you think?  What were your favorite looks of the night??

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Speaking of…


If  I were lucky enough to be at Sundance this weekend, this is one of the films I would be dying to see!

RJ Cutler’s documentary, The September Issue, is a real life “Devil Wears Prada” and was compiled from 300+ hours of footage he shot during his 8 months at Vogue.  The film is said to have Anna Wintour’s seal of approval (some even say she’ll attend the Sundance premiere) but I have a feeling that since Cutler had final cut, Ms. Wintour might be in for a surprise…or at least I hope so!

I couldn’t post the video but you can click here to watch a preview of the film on Fashionologie.

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A Breath of Fresh Air



Leave it to Cameron to inject some much needed color and add an element of risk to the red carpet. Does anyone know if she still works with Rachel Zoe? Or did she put this together herself? Either way, she looks fantabulous in this Chanel dress and she’s sporting one of my picks for the hottest trends of Spring 2009: Asymetrical.

I totally love this shade of Barbie pink on her and the girl knows how to pick a silhouette that perfectly complements her body. Her tanned and toned shoulders/arms are the focus and rightfully so…how do I get my arms to look like that???  And while this look isn’t for everyone, I love that it’s different, modern and de-constructed.   There’s something really fresh about it that was missing from many of tonight’s looks.

Her hair and make-up team also deserve a huge thank you tonight…her bold red lips perfectly complement her dress without overpowering it. I think it was a great color choice and it makes the whole look seem more grown up.


I also love her hair this color and the longer length is a much needed update. She usually has it much shorter and choppier, so I’m happy to see it styled down and in soft waves. I’m guessing the new long locks are thanks to some very expensive extensions, but if I were her, I would totally keep them!

She looks beautiful!


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Black and Blue


Most ladies in Hollywood hardly suffer from a bruised ego, but given the color choices tonight you would have thought otherwise.  If they weren’t wearing white, Hollywood’s biggest actresses chose classic Black and various shades of Blue for tonight’s ceremony.  I personally didn’t care for the brighter cobalt shades but I did like the rich Navy and dark Aubergines (that bordered on Navy) that stars like Hayden Panatierre chose.

I’m not usually a fan of Evan Rachel Wood, but her black dress is stunning and I love that she chose something with a very sleek and slim line.  Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite leading ladies and I love the color of her dress, but in that silhouette, I prefer Amy Adams in her breath-taking Oscar de La Renta.

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Winter Whites


I was a little disappointed at the lack of color on the red carpet, but these beautiful white gowns more than make up for it. I think every woman secretly wants to re-live their wedding day and there’s no better way to do it that by wearing a floor length white gown!

Eva Mendes is by far my favorite overall look of the night…I think she looks absolutely stunning in that Dior dress and her turquoise collar necklace is the perfect accessory! She’s really stepped up her style game and I’m looking forward to seeing her on future red carpets!

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Holy Hair Batman!


The dress is gorgeous, but what happened to her hair?!?! It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in LA but Drew looks like she walked through a serious wind tunnel on her way down the red carpet!

Stay tuned for more on all of tonight’s fashion hits and misses from the 2009 Golden Globes!!


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What she wore…

Whitney Port has gotten quite wise during her first few weeks in The City

picture-16she’s caught on to the popularity of celebrity fashion and is now beating other sites (like CelebStyle) by identifiying all of the outfits she wears during each weeks episode right on her personal website.  Being a huge fan of this idea and her style (with the exception of the horrible headpiece from The Hills finale), I will surely be checking in on Manhattan’s newest resident and her fashion choices every Monday night.

And you can’t miss the New York Times review of Ms. Port and her “fantastically detestable, uncombed and wanna-be hipster” friends here!

And…if that’s still not enough City for you, check out the Uptown/Downtown grudge match cleverly chronicled by New York Magazine.

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I want my Zoe TV!

zoeAnd come “mid-2009” I will get it.  OMG.

I die.

It’s like Christmas came early this year!!!  According to the LA Times:

“The network has ordered up a second season of The Rachel Zoe Project, the behind-the-scenes reality show following Zoe as she styles celebs, keeps the peace between her feuding assistants and goes on mad vintage-store shopping sprees.  Production has not yet begun, but expect new episodes of Rachel Zoe, produced by Original Media, to air in mid-2009.”

Get ready for another season of bitchy assistants,  the continuing demasculination of Rodjer,  clever catchphrases, and all around fashion fabulousness!

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It’s sooooooo good!


Click here to see the just leaked video for her new single, Circus!!!

Update: Did you notice the “collar necklace” Brit Brit was sporting with her top hat outfit?!?!


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CBS 11 Holiday Fashion Segment

1_80116_fsFor a complete list of items and information on where to purchase the looks seen on today’s show, please email me at and I’ll be glad to send you all the details!!

The make up was done by the very beautiful and talented Crystal Smith of Face No Mistakes. 

In case you missed the show or are just curious to see some great holiday fashions under $100, click below to watch:

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Tacky but True: Pro Nails

digital_nail_art_printerWhat might be the tackiest “accessory” on the planet now has a catchy theme song to go with it…

You must check out Kid Sister and Kanye cleverly rhyming about something I just don’t understand?!?! Who gave women the idea that expressing themselves artistically on their extra-long Acrylics was a good idea???

I have never seen anything benefit from the application of Nail Art, so save the extra $20 and treat yourself to the Deluxe Spa Mani/Pedi instead!! And while we’re on the topic, unless your Acrylics are dancing in a Kanye video, get rid of them!!

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Young and Fabulous


I’m not typically jealous of 15 year olds, well with the exception of the GG‘s…but when they have better clothes, shoes and overall style than you, you gotta give credit where credit is due.

Meet my new hero, Jane Aldridge.  She’s 15, from Dallas (like me!), and has a wardbrobe that would make both Lily and Serena Vanderwoodsen jealous.   Her blog, Sea of Shoes, chronicles her daily outfits–with an emphasis on her AMAZING footwear, but what really got me is the incredible amount of personal style and innovation this young woman shows…

at her age I was wearing blazers from the Limited Too with button covers!!!


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FREE Chanel

Now that I have your attention…if you happen to live in NYC get your butt to Central Park and check out the Chanel Mobile Art Pavillion.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company’s iconic 2.55 quilted bag, Chanel has built a Zaha Hadid-designed torus-shaped exhibition hall in the middle of Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield. The space-age exhibition hall houses 18 handbag-inspired installations by international artists including Sylvie Fleury, David Levinthal, Yang Fudong and Michael Lin.

The great news is that the exhibit is open to the public for free, but the “pod” will be leaving New York for London on November 9th, so hurry up and take advantage of this amazing exhibit because it will be the last free thing Chanel will ever offer you.

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Meet the Cast…

From L to R: Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port, Whitney’s new BFF (?)

How amazing do the girls from MTV’s The City look?!?!?!  I’m totally ready to forget about the cold weather and rock my super short skirt/mini-dress with some killer heels!!!

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Jenny Humphries carrying a Maxx New York “Monte Carlo” bag on last night’s episode of Gossip Girl!

Although it’s a little pricey at $140, it will become your everything bag…trust me…I take it everywhere!  The fabric is light weight and super durable and not only is it the perfect size to travel with, but it makes an amazing beach bag…

I know it’s not beach weather right now, but I’m FREEZING in Philly and am daydreaming about the summer! =)

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Ch-Ch-Check Me Out

If you’re up early today (7am) or happen to be home this afternoon (1-3pm) tune into QVC and and catch me doing my day job!  I’ll be presenting the latest styles in the Maxx New York collection and we have some really cute bags in the lineup…this one in particular is the one I have my eye on!

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The Stylista?

This seems a little too “Devil Wears Prada” knock-off for my taste, but I’ll give it a fair chance and watch this weeks episode on the CW…I’m really just tuning in to catch Mr. Joe Zee, who I once worked for at W Magazine a long lifetime ago.  I hear some pretty nasty rumors about him and his new position over at Elle, but this is fashion people…rumors just mean you’ve arrived.

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