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From Zoe to Zero


According to the New York Post, Rachel Zoe is seriously pissing off her celebrity clients like Debra Messing and Cameron Diaz. So much so, that Debra supposedly gave the tiny fashionista a pink slip!  Her clients are annoyed that Zoe is working on her reality show too much and losing focus when it comes to her first job (and the reason she even has a TV show), styling.

Rachel can do no wrong in my book and as far as I’m concerned these stars are just jealous that they now have to share the spotlight with Rachel and that the rest of us get to pick up on her styling tips free of charge!  And Debra Messing, really??  She’s got bigger, brighter stars to worry about like Oscar nominated, Anne Hathaway!

Some seem think that Rachel needs her celeb clients to survive in this business and make a good TV show, but let’s not forget that this woman’s life would be worth watching if just for the clothes and accessories…and Brad of course!

Bring back my ZOE TV already!!

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Oscars: Best Dressed


All of these gorgeous women hit it out of the ballpark tonight!  It’s the Oscars and this is the occassion to go big or go home…they brought drama, shine, volume, exquisite detailing and each one of these dresses must have been from an Haute Couture collection because the were all unbelievable!!  I die!

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Oscars: Worst Dressed


I’m really sad to have to include Frida Pinto on this list because she’s adorable (I totally heart Slumdog) and she’s had a great run during this awards season.  This blue Galliano did her no favors and it looks like some horrible, half-finished prom dress from the 80’s!  Beyonce is always a hit or miss and I’m so over this silhouette on her…we all know you’re “bootylicious” honey, so show us something else!  And as far as Miley goes…she’s only 15 and this dress is way too much fabric, embellishment, and volume for her.  It swallows her alive and it’s too much dress for such a young girl, who wasn’t even nominated…what was she doing at the Oscars anyway??

So who was your on your Worst Dressed list?  Do you agree with my picks???

UPDATE:  B’s gown is by House of Dereon…what a surpirse??? 😉


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Oscar Trend: Naturally Nude


One of the biggest trends we saw last night was all of the the pale colors in shades of white, ivory, and nude.  While I’m not usually a fan on these colors on the red-carpet something about it made it feel fresh and modern this year.  I’m so tired of always seeing black and clearly so were Hollywood’s leading ladies.  The pleating, ruching, embroidery and lace details on each one of these gowns made them truly spectacular and unique in their own way.  Two of my favorite looks of the night were also part of this trend!!

And I can’t go without mentioning that Penelope is wearing a 60 year old vintage Balmain gown that is beyond amazing and btw, where do you even buy 60 year old Balmain???

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Runway Rundown…on a Budget

Designers sent a lot of truly inspired, stand-out looks down the runway, but a few made me think I was experiencing serious deja vu!  Some of these trends are updates to many looks you might already have in your closet (thank goodness!), but just in case you don’t…here are some budget-friendly interpretations that will definitely put you ahead of the fashion curve!

Trend: Metallics (Gold, Silver, Gunmetal)


Click here for the budget buy!

Trend: Structured LBD


Click here for the budget buy!

Trend: Vibrant Blue


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Trend: Velvet


Click here for the budget buy!

Trend: Red and Pink


Click here for the budget buy!

Other notable trends were: skinny leather pants, capes, some kind of jacket with pronounced shoulders (the 80’s influence was everywhere!), a cocoon coatlots of pointy toe shoes and some chunky bling in silver and pewter tones!

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Brian Reyes: All-Access

I had one of the most memorable days of my life yesterday…the show was beautiful, I got to share it with my BFF (thanks for being my photog Melis), we were seated in the 2nd row, and Brian was an absolute sweetheart! I took a lot of photos so check out the slideshow below for some great backstage action, celebrity sightings (including one of Anna Wintour!) and a stunning collection.

I asked Brian a lot of questions but here are some of the highlights from our interview:

He doesn’t ever get nervous before shows…the show was inspired by strong, assertive, bold women…he loves Medellin…he prefers Mexico for beach vacations…his favorite type of music is Scores (like soundtracks)….his indulgence is downloading songs from iTunes…his dream client is Michelle Obama…he hearts Rachel Bilson…and the best advice he can give to aspiring fashion designers is to be patient.


Overall, the show was really incredible.  He showed some amazing dresses and I think that’s definitely his forte.  He used pops of color in shades of blue, raspberry and chartruse but a lot of the looks featured neutral colored patterns and earthy grey tones.


The shoes were provided by Manolo Blahnik and they were TDF!  They were solid pumps with snake zig-zag detailing on up the back and I’m telling you right now that the pointy-toe will be the “it” shoe for Fall.  The jewelry was a collaboration between Lee Angel and Brian and it was big, bold and blingy!  There were some incredible necklces and rings that I’m putting it on my bday wish list!


But perhaps the most talked about part of the show was the shoes, or the lack thereof.  I guess the Manolo’s were too big because they kept slipping off the model’s feet…

Was2180562so for the finale, all the girls came out barefoot!  It was really cute and it totally shows Brian’s sense of humor.  Thanks to everyone at Brian Reyes for an incredible day and I can’t wait for the interview to air on American Latino TV in March!!!

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From The Tents…

I’m at the Brian Reyes show right now, getting ready for our interview and I can’t wait to see his new collection walk down the runway… right in front of me!  In case you don’t know too much about Brian, here are some of his most recognizable looks worn by my favorite young starlets…


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