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Runway Rundown…on a Budget

Designers sent a lot of truly inspired, stand-out looks down the runway, but a few made me think I was experiencing serious deja vu!  Some of these trends are updates to many looks you might already have in your closet (thank goodness!), but just in case you don’t…here are some budget-friendly interpretations that will definitely put you ahead of the fashion curve!

Trend: Metallics (Gold, Silver, Gunmetal)


Click here for the budget buy!

Trend: Structured LBD


Click here for the budget buy!

Trend: Vibrant Blue


Click here for the budget buy!

Trend: Velvet


Click here for the budget buy!

Trend: Red and Pink


Click here for the budget buy!

Other notable trends were: skinny leather pants, capes, some kind of jacket with pronounced shoulders (the 80’s influence was everywhere!), a cocoon coatlots of pointy toe shoes and some chunky bling in silver and pewter tones!

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Bag Lady

Two of the biggest trends in handbags for Spring 09 are fringe and chains…odd pair, no?  One feels while casual and carefree while the latter implies a Blair Waldorf friendly, upper east side sensibility.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices in easy neutral colors so why not try both looks since all of these styles are priced under $50!?!


Style Links:
Tanaka $26.80, Forever 21
Cosmic Fringe Clutch $29.95, Free People
Bsally $39.95, Steve Madden
Hayden Harnett Chain Bag $44.99, Target
Chain Wristlet $49, Ann Taylor
Ruffled Purse $19.99, Charlotte Russe

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Play Thing


For the longest time I kept calling this style of clothing a “romper” but our friends across the pond in the UK have come up with a much better name…a playsuit!!

I think that moniker perfectly captures the spirit of this one-piece and should you choose to try out this look, style it in a playful way…think casual fabrics, fun colors and kitschy prints.

I’ve been looking for a playsuit for quite a while now, but I was only able to find dressy, silk-y “going out” versions, and IMO those are a fashion don’t.  They give off too much of that “Jenny From the Block/On the 6” vibe.  I suggest wearing these in a much more casual way, like with cute sandals on a warm summer day or as a bikini cover up at the beach!  The ones above are all from ASOS and you can click here to check out their entire “playsuit” collection!

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Good Jeans


Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, but unlike the last few years when one style has reigned supreme, this Spring we’ll be seeing a multitude of washes, styles and cuts…so here’s the lowdown on some of the hottest trends in Denim for the upcoming season:

The Cuffed Jean

Who: Katie Holmes

How: Try a menswear inspired look and pair these with a button down shirt, but add heels or sexy cut-out ankle boots for a touch of feminine flair!

Where to Buy: Urban Outfitters $29.99

The Ankle Jean

Who: Lauren Conrad

How: The tighter the better on this look but make sure it stops right at your ankle for a fresh update to last year’s styles!

Where to Buy: $39.50

The Boyfriend Jean

Who: Rachel Bilson

How: These look best when worn with flat sandals and paired with boho-chic accessories, like a woven belt or a fringe bag!

Where to Buy: ASOS $55


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“Hammer” pants go Glam

ralph_lauren_ny_fw_1 I was just a young child in the early 90’s, so I never actually owned a pair of Hammer pants…but I clearly remember doing the dance in my living room and knowing that my choreography would look that much better if I just had those damn pants!!

Well, thanks to Ralph Lauren and a slew of other designers, you can now own a much more sophisticated and expensive pair just like these.

And as with every fashion re-invention, the pants needed a fancy new name, so they’ve been coined “harem” pants, because no one would actually buy them if there were still “hammer” pants!

My initial reaction when Katie Holmes first wore these was YUK…but I think they might be growing on me and the amazing fantasy Safari styling from Ralph Lauren’s Spring ’09 show makes me want to run out and buy a pair of gold, glittery ones right now!


TwelvebyTwelve $29

If you’re bold enough to try this look, find a pair that has some movement and that doesn’t have that horrible “drop crotch” like the originals… and as with most off- the- runway looks, it might also help if you’re built like Gisele!

I’m not totally sold on this trend yet, nor am I ready to spend any money on something that will surely be on the “out” list by the end of this season, so for now this pair from TwelvebyTwelve will do just fine!


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The “new” Wayfarer

Wayfarers are soooooo 2008… rayban

Last year, everyone I know…from LES hipsters to New Jersey soccer mom’s…sported the shades that made Tom Cruise famous in Risky Business, but enough is enough and I’m happy to see this trend die.

This year it’s all about the Ray Ban Clubmaster!  This much welcome update is a re-release of an old Ray Ban style, but it’s basically unchanged from the 80’s and really, why mess with a good thing?!?  Many celebs, like Robert Pattinson and Mrs. Pete Wentz, have recently been spotted wearing these new shades.

After trying these on, I can say I’m a huge fan of the half-frames and the gold edging (also available in a silver tone) isn’t bad either!  I also love the fact that I can buy them for under $100!  If there’s one thing I will NOT spend money on it’s designer sunglasses and with this latest offering from Ray Ban, now you don’t have to!

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Mad for Plaid

When I typically think of Argyle I think of two things: socks and golf. And while I don’t mind a little tartan on my feet, I wasn’t so sure about the pattern as a fashion statement!

Well, all this changed after I was introduced to a little Scottish company called Pringle. This luxury knitwear company has been around since 1815 and is known for their iconic argyle along with their ultra-soft cashmere. While you typically see argyles in classic colors like red, green, navy and grey, Pringle always manages to incorporate unexpcted tones that make the print feel fresh and modern again.

Their stuff is a little on the pricey side, but with the 75% off sale going on at Barneys and Saks, you might just find one of their gorgeous sweaters at a great discount! And if that’s still NITB (not in the budget) try one of these adorable arglye pieces instead! 2Style Links: Hoodie $44.50, V-Neck $22.50, Sweater Vest $24.90

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