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706dOne of the best parts of New Year’s Eve- besides the cute new dress and the midnight kiss- is all the bubbly!  I love champagne, but sometimes I find it a little too dry for my taste so I’m always on the look out for something a little sweeter.  I’ve tried Prosecco, Cava and all sorts of Sparkling Wine, but I always come back to my favorite…

This New Years, you have to try a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec…it’s the lesser known white-label cousin of the regular yellow-label Veuve and it tastes sooooo much better!  It’s not too dry, not too sweet and the overall effect is just right. 

I usually splurge on it, but I just found it online for only $39.99 so I’m guessing you could also find a similar price at your local discount liquor store. 

But whatever your taste this New Year’s Eve… be safe, enjoy yourself and best wishes for a wonderful 2009!!

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The Hills “do”

finale-fabulous_512x640I thought Lauren looked allright at The Hills finale… the sparkly Phillip Lim dress was cute, but a tad on the unoriginal side and she should have added a pop of color with her shoes instead of just going the match-matchy route.  But what did standout was her beautiful  hair “do”!   I love the faux-bob she was rockin’ and if you’re looking for something festive and fun to try out this New Year’s Eve, why not go for this ultra-chic style?!?!

Check out the step-by-step instructions from the girls at Slaves to Fashion for a fail proof plan.

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I became a huge fan of Thread when I was looking for un-bridesmaid looking dresses for my wedding last year. I wanted something that was pretty and that my girls could easily wear again…not to mention, something that reflected their own personal style. I looked high and low for designs that were wearable, flattering, beautiful and most importantly, fashion forward, but the only company I found that actually fit the bill was Thread.

I was in their shop and I remember coming across dresses that would have been perfect for my rehearsal dinner and wishing they made dresses for non-bridesmaids…well, the girls behind the company were already way ahead of me. In 2006, Melissa Akey and Beth Blake launched a collection of RTW dresses called Thread Social and I was completely smitten! I love that they design with a woman in mind and that I can wear all of their dresses to ANY event and feel like the belle of the ball…too bad I can only afford their designs at sample sale prices, but that doesn’t change the fact that I eagerly anticipate seeing their latest collection!

Here’s the latest installment from Thread Social for Spring 2009:


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Not so Sweet 16

logoFor her 15th birthday, Kira Plastinina got every girls dream come true…a fashion empire designed and built around her.  You see, Kira is the daughter of an orange juice magnate in Russia and her father thought it would be a great idea to bankroll an $80 million dollar fashion empire in his daughter’s name.   She’s Moscow’s answer to Paris Hilton and in order to capitalize on her “fame”, he opened up 12 stores across the US and turned her homeroom fashion sketches  into a line of clothes for teenagers.

Fast forward one year to her 16th birthday and 10 of the 12 Plastinina stores will be forced to close due to the current state of the US economy and slow sales in general.  While most of the items are too junior for my taste, they do have some cute jeans for $14 and everything online  is currently  75% percent off,  so take advantage before all the inventory is gone!

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Mad for Plaid

When I typically think of Argyle I think of two things: socks and golf. And while I don’t mind a little tartan on my feet, I wasn’t so sure about the pattern as a fashion statement!

Well, all this changed after I was introduced to a little Scottish company called Pringle. This luxury knitwear company has been around since 1815 and is known for their iconic argyle along with their ultra-soft cashmere. While you typically see argyles in classic colors like red, green, navy and grey, Pringle always manages to incorporate unexpcted tones that make the print feel fresh and modern again.

Their stuff is a little on the pricey side, but with the 75% off sale going on at Barneys and Saks, you might just find one of their gorgeous sweaters at a great discount! And if that’s still NITB (not in the budget) try one of these adorable arglye pieces instead! 2Style Links: Hoodie $44.50, V-Neck $22.50, Sweater Vest $24.90

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Click here to buy the Baker’s version!

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Dear CheapChica

I love dressing up, but most of the dressy dresses I have found are either sleeveless or strapless.  I like having my shoulders covered (short sleeves are fine).  Most of the time, I’ll cover my shoulders and arms by wearing wraps or cardigans.  This works fine, but the wraps/cardigans not only cover my arms, but they also cover the beauty and detail of the dresses I’m wearing.  Any suggestions on some pretty dresses that come with some type of sleeve?


Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention…I had never noticed the lack of dresses with sleeves!!

55614877-012I for one, love the idea of a sleeve on a cocktail dress.  I think it gives the dress a very vintage and ladylike quality about it, especially if you opt for a bracelet sleeve.  Another way to cover your shoulders without feeling too exposed is to try a sheer sleeve.  This way you get the coverage you’re looking for, but the lace allows some of your skin to show through to make the look sexier and more age-appropriate.  This dress is one of the prettiest dresses I’ve seen in quite a while and I love the gorgeous lace they used to accent the cap sleeve!  

picture-218Now if you’re looking for something dressy with even longer sleeves, be sure to balance it out by picking a dress in a shorter length, since you’ll be covering up most of your upper half.  With so much fabric it’s important that the fit and cut of the dress is sleek, so you don’t look like you’re drowning in fabric, or worse, dumpy!  I love the metallic material of this grey dress and becasue its’ done in a neutral shadee, you can really have fun with your accessories… and don’t forget to play up that gorgeous neckline.

And if you happen to fall in love with a strapless dress again, cover up with a cropped jacket or a tuxedo blazer that has some pretty detailing instead of a plain cardigan!   

Note:  These items are “tunics”, but I saw them in person and they are long enough to style as a dress…unless you’re 5’7″ and up!

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