Way OTK Boots at Rodarte

rodarteLeave it to sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the women behind Rodarte to show us some of the boldest and most daring footwear to ever be seen during any New York Fashion week!  This kind of footwear/hoisery (?) is something I would expect to see at the couture shows in Paris but these girls never fail to bring it and I’m dying over these thigh-high, leather, bondage, multi-strapped, creations!  I doubt they will ever acutally make it into production, but they’re inspiring and over the top and isn’t that what Fashion Week is all about anyway??

Click here to check out the rest of their show!

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One response to “Way OTK Boots at Rodarte

  1. bonjourbirdy

    I love them, particularly the black ones. I think they’d be totally wearable because they’re not overly embellished. Too bad they’d probably cost about a jillion dollars. ^^;

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