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Bargain Bikinis!!


I know you might not be ready to see yourself in a swimsuit, but Memorial Day will be here before you know it and Forever 21 has just launched their first ever swimwear collection!

They have a variety of bikinis and even a few monokinis…which I’m not a huge fan of. I hate regular bikini tan lines, so I can’t even imagine having to deal with the tan lines from those things!


They also have prints galore (be sure to check out the neon splatter style!) so no matter what your taste, I’m sure they’ll have something that’s to your liking.

And since this is F21 we’re talking about, the suits retail from $12.80 for separates to $22.80 for a monokini. At that price, I’ll be curious to check out the quality and the elasticity…a dead giveaway of a cheap swimsuit! I’m quite partial to suits from Target, Old Navy, and H&M but another budget swimwear line is always a welcome addition for a bikini junkie like me!

Click here to find a store near you that carries the collection!

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Shiny New Things


In case you didn’t get exactly what you wanted for Valentine’s Day…return his lame gift and get yourself to Target to check out the fabulous baubles from jewelry designers Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon. Their exclusive collection consists of necklaces, rings and earrings but IMO the real standouts in this collection are the cuffs! They’re priced from $39-$49 and will be available in Target stores and online on February 15th.

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Best Buys: Under $20


Style Links:
Earrings $2.80, Cosmetic Bag $17.50, Rosette Top $19.99, Ballet Flats $19.50, Floral Skirt $17.80, Red Sandals $19.95, Scarf $12.50

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Heart to Heart


We all want to feel special and loved on Valentine’s Day, and nothing makes a better present than beautiful jewelry. However, this year might not be the best time to expect a small present from your sweetheart…let alone an expensive one!

I’m always shopping around Etsy for unique, one of a kind gifts and when I came across these vintage heart charm necklaces I thought they’d be a perfect V-day gift…especially since they only cost $12.50! What a romantic way to celebrate the one you love, without breaking the bank!

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Valentine’s Day Dresses


If you’re having trouble picking an outfit for Valentine’s Day, get inspired by the color of the Holiday and go for a rich shade of fuchsia or red!  I’m sure your date would love to see you all dolled up in any of these sweet dresses and since they’re all under $50, you could even spring for some sexy shoes to spice up your outfit!!

Style Links:
Kimchi Silk Chiffon Dress $39.99
Rose Bloom Cocktail Dress $22.80
Silence and Noise Strapless Dress $48.00

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Rush to Ruche

picture-22Every once in a blue moon, I come across a store that I can’t believe actually exists…and today that store is Shop Ruche.

This place is a wonderland of feminine prints, vintage-inspired styling and unbeatable prices…think of it as an Anthropologie with 75% markdowns year round!  They have an incredible selection of tops, dresses, skirts, accessories and even outwear.  I spent a LONG time shopping around the store and with the exception of two coats (like this amazing blue number here) everything, and I mean everything is under $50!

I liked WAY too many things to include them all, so here a few of my favorites from the site:

picture-61Style Links:
Silk Sheer Bow Blouse, $49.99
Segue Flowing Ruffle Vest, $29.99
Shimmy Disco High-Waist Dress, $39.99
Faded Dots Organic Bubble Top, $36.99
Mellifluous Green Teal Dress, $45.99

And as be sure to use coudpon code cheapchicas for 10% off your entire order!


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Old Navy Clearance Sale


…they’re offering an additional 50% off clearance prices with coupon code HALFOFF!!  Some items are marked down to $1.50 so take this opportunity to stock up on those essential basics like tanks and tees!!


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