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Meet the Cast…

From L to R: Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port, Whitney’s new BFF (?)

How amazing do the girls from MTV’s The City look?!?!?!  I’m totally ready to forget about the cold weather and rock my super short skirt/mini-dress with some killer heels!!!

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Deal Hunting

Every once in a while I’ll post a discount code for Friends & Family, but there’s just too many to online coupon codes out there to post one each day.  Not to mention, it’s a little repetitive and there’s a much easier and more efficient way to find great online coupons for your favorite stores…

A friend tipped me off to a wonderful site called Deal Hunting and it’s super simple to use.  Just type in the name of the store (they have deals for over 1500 online stores!) or search by a category and all of the corresponding coupons will come up.  Happy Shopping!!

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High Waist, Low Price

For whatever reason, I’m very into the high-waisted look right now.  I think it looks very retro and lady like while still making me feel modern and sexy.  And let’s be honest, anything that gives the illusion of height is a winner in my book.

When I came across this dress I couldn’t believe the price…it looks like Loeffler Randall!!  The color combination-I heart anything charcoal- is sophisticated, the ruffle detailing is really beautiful, and this is one of those dresses that I can see working for a variety of occasions…like some of those upcoming Holiday parties???  And at the incredible price of only $39.50, it’s definitely a must buy!

While the dress can definitely stand on it’s own, I think it would be super cute with a pair of black lace tights or even layered under a black cardigan/blazer/leather jacket.  However you choose to style it, no one will ever guess you spent less than $40…

BTW, if you’d rather have it in another gorgeous color combo, it also comes in peacock and gold!

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H of H and Happy Halloween

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I checked out the prices for the House of Harlow collection on  The purple leather ring I was totally dying for last week (the one I couldn’t find a suitable lower priced alternative for) is only $38…unfortch, it’s only available in black right now.

But, I’m still going to treat myself to this incredible piece of jewelry to help celebrate Halloween and for finally reaching 100 posts on CheapChica’s

I hope yall have enjoyed the site as much as I have enjoyed writing it and and please continue to come back for more amazing fashion, beauty and style at bargain prices!

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City Scents

If you’ve never had the chance to wear or test a Bond No.9 perfume than you’re truly missing out on one of life’s great pleasures.  Their scents are so incredibly unique and hit notes that you just won’t find in a traditional perfume.  The collection is available at some of the world’s most exclusive stores, like Harvey Nichols in London and Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.

Bond No.9 was launched as an homage to the great city of New York and the name is actually the address of their company headquarters in NoHo.

The Bond No. 9 collection — 34 women’s, men’s, and unisex eaux de parfum — has a dual mission: To restore artistry to perfumery, and to mark every New York neighborhood with a scent of its own. Each fragrance represents a specific downtown, midtown, or uptown locale or a city-wide sensibility. With new introductions in the coming seasons, Bond No. 9 infuses the island of Manhattan with scents.

I love that you can not only customize scents, but you can also buy mini “bon bon” versions of their pricey parfums so that you can mix and match and try a little bit everything they have to offer.  If you live in New York, you should definitely stop by one of their stores or you can stop by your local Saks to smell the collection for yourself.

But if the thougt of spending $185 for a 100ml bottle of perfume sends you into sticker shock, you’re not alone!  I suggest you opt for the Bond No.9 sample set where you will get 6 samples of your choice for only $15 (including shipping).  At this price, you can’t affort not to smell good!  And look how cute they come packaged…I might have to give these away as presents!

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Dear CheapChica

I’m 25, I work for a commercial art school in downtown Chicago in a sales position.  In a recent review with my boss, my boss coolly remarked, “you really should consider not looking so much… like our students.”  She went on to remark that while my wardrobe was cute, I didn’t represent $90K education and prestige.  And I ought to invest in some pant suits.  I shuddered at the thought so how can I maintain my individuality while playing the part of the professional?



Dear Britt,

I too shudder at the thought of a “pant suit”, but the good news is there are a lot of ways to dress professionally that will have you looking like one of the women on Lip Stick Jungle and not Pam from The Office…but the key is to find looks that are well-tailored, colorful and uniquely you.

My favorite trick is to mix classic pieces with more modern pieces.  Take for example this traditional pencil skirt.  If you wear it with a plain white button-down shirt you’d probably end up feeling pretty dowdy and unoriginal, but by pairing it with a pattern in a bold color, in this case florals, you instantly add visual interest and an element of surprise.

Since I chose a camisole, I added the cardigan to make it more work appropriate, but just take off the cardi when you’re leaving the office and voila…you have a great dinner/drinks outfit without ever having to change.  I also threw in those amazing pair of violet pumps just to keep you feeling young (you’re only 25!) and sexy.

My next outfit is a take on the dreaded “pant suit”.  If you think about it, a pant suit really just means a jacket and a pair of pants…no one ever said they had to match!  I like the idea of taking a basic pair of black trousers-try men’s wear inspired and wide legged- and adding a cropped tweed jacket instead of just a plain blazer.  The pattern on the tweed breaks up the black and the cropped length makes it more youthful.

I chose this navy tank because it mimics the ruffle details on the jacket and it also adds a pop of color.  For accessories, since you mentioned being a little “urban-punkish”, I added a great pair of snake earings that will help you feel more like yourself… but I did throw in the most classic piece of jewelry, a pearl bracelet to balance it all out.  Make sure you pair this outfit with a over-sized black bag-try something in mock croc or snake!  Lastly, every career woman needs a fabulous pair of black peep toe pumps.  These have interesting detail on the heel and I’m pretty sure they’ll work with almost everything in your closet!

You can find pieces like this everywhere, but I suggest you start at H&M becausee they have a fantastic “career” section, but they also have fashion forward styles that you can easily mix in.  Old Navy, Forever 21, and Macy’s also have a nice selection of career clothes and don’t rule out any store just because it’s not Ann Taylor.  I hope this helps you on your journey to navigating the corporate world while retaining your individual style!

Note:  Every item in the pictures retails below $49.99!  Email me if you would like more details.

Update:  I had a lot of requests for the links so here they are!

Top Outfit: Cami $24.50, Skirt $19.80, Cardigan $26.50, Bracelet $6.99, Shoes $49.99

Bottom Outfit: Top $17.99, Jacket $32.80,Pants $22.80, Earings $6.00, Handbag $46.99, Shoes $49.99


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Jenny Humphries carrying a Maxx New York “Monte Carlo” bag on last night’s episode of Gossip Girl!

Although it’s a little pricey at $140, it will become your everything bag…trust me…I take it everywhere!  The fabric is light weight and super durable and not only is it the perfect size to travel with, but it makes an amazing beach bag…

I know it’s not beach weather right now, but I’m FREEZING in Philly and am daydreaming about the summer! =)

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