Brian Reyes: All-Access

I had one of the most memorable days of my life yesterday…the show was beautiful, I got to share it with my BFF (thanks for being my photog Melis), we were seated in the 2nd row, and Brian was an absolute sweetheart! I took a lot of photos so check out the slideshow below for some great backstage action, celebrity sightings (including one of Anna Wintour!) and a stunning collection.

I asked Brian a lot of questions but here are some of the highlights from our interview:

He doesn’t ever get nervous before shows…the show was inspired by strong, assertive, bold women…he loves Medellin…he prefers Mexico for beach vacations…his favorite type of music is Scores (like soundtracks)….his indulgence is downloading songs from iTunes…his dream client is Michelle Obama…he hearts Rachel Bilson…and the best advice he can give to aspiring fashion designers is to be patient.


Overall, the show was really incredible.  He showed some amazing dresses and I think that’s definitely his forte.  He used pops of color in shades of blue, raspberry and chartruse but a lot of the looks featured neutral colored patterns and earthy grey tones.


The shoes were provided by Manolo Blahnik and they were TDF!  They were solid pumps with snake zig-zag detailing on up the back and I’m telling you right now that the pointy-toe will be the “it” shoe for Fall.  The jewelry was a collaboration between Lee Angel and Brian and it was big, bold and blingy!  There were some incredible necklces and rings that I’m putting it on my bday wish list!


But perhaps the most talked about part of the show was the shoes, or the lack thereof.  I guess the Manolo’s were too big because they kept slipping off the model’s feet…

Was2180562so for the finale, all the girls came out barefoot!  It was really cute and it totally shows Brian’s sense of humor.  Thanks to everyone at Brian Reyes for an incredible day and I can’t wait for the interview to air on American Latino TV in March!!!

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  1. harvey S.

    His collection was to die for. I loved every peice and couldn’t choose a favorite!

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