Oscars: Worst Dressed


I’m really sad to have to include Frida Pinto on this list because she’s adorable (I totally heart Slumdog) and she’s had a great run during this awards season.  This blue Galliano did her no favors and it looks like some horrible, half-finished prom dress from the 80’s!  Beyonce is always a hit or miss and I’m so over this silhouette on her…we all know you’re “bootylicious” honey, so show us something else!  And as far as Miley goes…she’s only 15 and this dress is way too much fabric, embellishment, and volume for her.  It swallows her alive and it’s too much dress for such a young girl, who wasn’t even nominated…what was she doing at the Oscars anyway??

So who was your on your Worst Dressed list?  Do you agree with my picks???

UPDATE:  B’s gown is by House of Dereon…what a surpirse??? 😉



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4 responses to “Oscars: Worst Dressed

  1. bonjourbirdy

    I do agree with you on these, but I think Frida Pinto’s dress is the least of the three evils. If that sleeve were removed I think it would look much better. Beyonce looks like a boudoir lamp that is missing its shade, while Miley Cyrus’ dress kind of says “Ice Capades Barbie” to me. ^_^;

  2. elizabeth

    I 100% agree with you on Beyonce and Miley. Beyonce really needs a new look. And I don’t know where to begin with Miley – dress is WAY too much for 15 year old, what’s with the belt(??), and why is she there? This is the Oscars.

    As for Frida she totally rocked it. I think her dress was Indian inspired and she is paying homage to her country and the movie – love it.

  3. Sue

    Beyonce’s mother really needs to find a new job. I haven’t seen anything wearable come out of her “design” house.

  4. I think Freida Pinto’s dress would’ve looked nicer if it had a more fitted waist. It would have changed the shape completely and made it much more flattering. Beyonce’s dress fabric looks like tacky 1970’s flocked wallpaper. And Miley looks like she’s wearing a freaking wedding cake (and not in a good way.) BTW, I believe Miley was there because “Bolt” was nominated.

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