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Look for Less: Black Halo


$328 Black Halo

It’s really rare that I like every piece in a collection or that I want more than just a few pieces from one line, but upon introduction to Black Halo all of that went out the window! The make the most flattering, modern and beautiful clothes ever and it’s exactly waht I would wear if I worked at Vogue or had endless cocktail dates! I happened to find one of their dresses at a warehouse sale where it was marked down to $49.99…it was 2 sizes too big and the zipper was busted but those are easy fixes for my tailor and I was determined to add one of their signature dresses to my wardrobe!

I’ve gotten so much mileage from just one dress (and countless compliments), so you can bet that I’m always on the look-out for a sample sale or a clearance markdown from one of the big retailers…but so far, no luck. Until today…

$49.50 Alloy

$49.50 Alloy

I was doing my daily online browsing when I came across an near perfect replica of one of BH’s dresses on the Alloy website for only $49.50. The length is a little shorter but that saves me from having to hem it and I actually like this legnth better than the original. Aside from that, it’s just perfect and I know it’s not the same label, but given these financial times, it will have to do for now…and at the end of the day, after incorporating some signature accessories, I’m sure no one will know but me!

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Get the Oscar Look…for Less

We all want to feel like a leading lady in our daily lives and even more so for special occasions, but since most of our budgets don’t allow for hair, make-up and wardrobe stylists here are some award-worthy looks inspired by some of the night’s most beautiful women…

picture-119Style Links: Dress, Earrings, Clutch

picture-32Style Links: Dress, Earrings, Clutch

picture-25Style Links: Dress, Clutch, Rhinestone Cuff

And here are some expert style tips from Naz Cupelian and Dominic Cruz to help you recreate the hair and make-up looks seen on the night’s biggest stars courtesy of Beauty Xpose:

nicole-kidmanWant Oscar-worth hair for your big night out?  International Hair Artist Naz Kupelian, a member of the elite Rusk© creative design team responsible for developing the latest hair trends, gives these tips for a soft, loose look with ethereal waves (as seen on Nicole Kidman):

  1. Part your hair on the side, pulling it back loosely to the side with pins.
  2. Get waves that begin from the eyes or the chin by wetting the hair and applying gel.
  3. Then, comb your hair from front to back until it forms a “S” shape. Notice that the top of the hair is flat yet polished – the focus of the look is on the ends of the hair.
  4. Dry your hair and then brush it again – this will give you the wave look to the front pieces.

For makeup, it doesn’t matter if you’re going for smoldering or sweet – it’s all about the glow. Dominic Cruz, professional make-up artist and educational director for Kryolan Professional Makeup, says you can get your skin glistening in five easy steps:

  1. First properly clean the skin to remove any oil or dirt from the skin.
  2. Next add a daily moisturizer, wait two minutes,  and apply a light coating of a silicone-based primer to even out the skin, creating a smooth and flawless surface
  3. For a natural look, use a tinted moisturizer, but DO NOT POWDER – it must remain dewy, which creates a healthy glow.
  4. For a little more coverage, try a cream foundation.  Apply with a foundation brush, blot with a tissue to remove any excess, and apply a loose powder, working in small circular motion from the chin on up to the temples and down the nose.  Repeat on the other side.
  5. For added glow, top it off with a little shimmer powder.

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Look for Less: Kate Hudson

katehudson I admire Kate Hudson for her ability to be so carefree with everything…movies, travel, men, and style.  She’s a true fashion chameleon and always manages to look great whether she’s all dolled up on the red carpet, in her day-to day life or on the cover of a fashion magazine as pictured her.

This safari inspired look is one of my favorites for the Spring and I must get my hands on one of those jackets/shirts because they are the ultimate layering piece.  Her outfit might come off a tad “tarty” without it, but with it she looks like she just stepped off the Ralph Lauren runway in her glam-safari attire. Here’s how you can get Kate’s look for much much less $$, without having to sacrifice any style:


And, for the shoe record, I’m completely obsessed with her Christian Louboutin Petal Sandals…I know they’re not the most practical of shoes and knowing me I would surely manage to tear one (or most) of those beautiful crepe satin petals, but I can’t go without mentioning that I would probably give up some important body part to own them!

Style Links: Safari Jacket $78, Tank Top $19.80, Shorts $19.99, Necklace $4.80, Rhinestone Bangle $7.80, Ruffle Shoes $27.80, Studded Bracelet $6.80

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Look for Less: Tribal

$200, Cynthia Vincent

$200, Cynthia Vincent

One of the biggest trend for Spring 2009 will be an updated version of last year’s Boho-chic and the Fashion powers that be have coined this new trend, Tribal.  I happen to love this concept and think that there’s no better time to break out the hippie inspired accessories like fringe bags, shoes, jewelery, etc….than during the upcoming warmer months!

I found these adorable flats at Piperlime but the $200 price tag totally killed it for me… until I recalled that I had spotted a similar pair of shoes at Wanted Shoes.

$39.99, Wanted Shoes

$39.99, Wanted Shoes

Their version comes in Black, Natural, Orange, Brown and it’s a dead ringer for the Cynthia Vincent ones at a fraction of the cost…$39.99 to be exact!

I totally expect this to be the sandal of the Summer to don’t hesitate to buy them just becasue there’s an inch of snow on the ground!


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Look for Less: L.A.M.B.


L.A.M.B. $344.95

Gwen Stefani is a true wonderwoman!  Not only does she have a gorgeous husband, adorable tots, an amazing voice and off the charts personal style, but she also happens to be at the helm of one of my favorite brands, L.A.M.B.

Their clothing collection is always inspiring, but lately it’s been their shoes and handbags that have me all worked up.  I love all of the funky details, the rock and roll feel, and the fact that Gwen sure does know how to design a heel…4″ and higher on all of her styles!


Forever 21 $28.80

Unfortunately, I can’t usually spend $350 for a pair of her sky-high stilettos so when I saw these marked down to $180.23, I lingered my mouse over the “add to cart” button and then I snapped back to reality! I can’t afford to spend that kind of money right now, so I quickly talked myself down from my purchase high.

The real reason I wanted these shoes was for the striking “black and tan” (not the beer!) combo…and after some on-line browsing, I was able to produce a very L.A.M.B. inspired shoe from Forever 21 that had a similar woven quality along with an ankle strap.  Thankfully, the F21 versions were more along the CheapChica price range…only $28.80!

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Look for Less: Cameron Diaz

cameron-diazIf only we could all look this wintry-chic in the blustery January weather…

She may not be the most talented of actresses, but Cameron Diaz never ceases to amaze me when it comes to her command of personal style.  No matter what the weather or the occasion, this California girl sure knows how to dress!

Here she is walking the streets of New York, looking every bit the New Yorker I might add, in all that black.  You can’t really see it in this shot, but I have to point out her very unexpected and fabulous YSL Muse bag.  So to all those nay-sayers who don’t think a white bag should be carried past Labor Day…you may want to re-think your stance.  I think her bag choice adds an element of surprise and brightness to this otherwise dark look.

Here’s how you can steal Cami’s look for a fraction of the cost:


Style Links: Jeans $38.99, Wrap Cardigan $27.80, Bomber Jacket $39.50, Chunky Beret $14.50, Leather Gloves $19, Suede Wedge Boots $84.99

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McQueen for Target Lookbook


Have a look at the rest of the collection here!

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