Pamela Love


Um, yes please…I’ll take all of them…and especially that claw cuff!  Her pieces were not only featured in the New York Times, countless editorials, and in a recent slew of Gap ads (adorning the wrist and ears of Carine Roitfield’s daughter), but they were also spotted this weekend on the runway at the Yigal Azrouel show!!!


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2 responses to “Pamela Love

  1. Those are beautiful, and right up my alley. Thank you for sharing the picture! I really love the ouroboros ring at bottom center, and the small silver bird skull at the top. ♥
    I found some similar pieces on that are undoubtedly more wallet-friendly than those:

    baby bird skull pendant

    dino love necklace

    “bad to the bone” skull pendant

    I’m sure there a lots more…these are just what I turned up in a very quick search. 🙂

  2. cheapchica11

    great finds elisabeth! thanks for sharing! =)

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