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Cheap or Chic?

picture-14So just in case you don’t recognize her, this is Carrie Bradshaw…I mean Sarah Jessica Parker sporting some interesting color…and I’m not talking about the darker locks.

Check out the seriously chartreuse heels she’s got on!  I happen to love them, but I asked around and that was not the general consensus.  I keep seeing this color pop up in stores, on the runway at Fashion Week, and now on one of my style icons as seen here.

I searched high and low and could not find an acceptable pair of shoes in this color…everything I found was totally unfortunate or just too green and I’m starting to think this might be one of those  illusive colors that you have to fork over the big bucks for!

So what do you think about this color trend?  Would you wear green shoes?


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Cheap or Chic?


If you’re a regular reader, I don’t have to tell you about my love affair with Twleve by Twleve…but sometimes I come across an item on their site that causes me to raise an eyebrow.  This dress jumped off the page at me (mostly because of the dramatic back) but I’m not quite sure if I like it.  I like the idea of it, but that skirted ruffle thing is totally throwing me off and its causing an Eva Longoria/SAG awards flashback!!

So instead of debating myself on this, I’m going to leave this one up to you… is this “Cheap or Chic”?

PS:  The belt is removeable in case that was a factor in your decision.


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