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A. Britney : US Weekly

B. Obama : White House

C. Bikini : Summer

D. All of the Above

The correct answer is D!!!

Great boots are a must-have item for Fall and finding the perfect pair can sometimes be frustrating, which is why I have to share my EBAY gems with you today.  If you don’t yet have an EBAY account…what are you waiting for?  GET ONE! It is one of the best places on-line to find incredible deals on shoes, handbags, and even clothes.  Now if you think wearing someone else’s used stuff is gross then get over it.  Send it to the dry cleaners, get some new insoles, spray some anti-bacterial in/on it…problem solved!

$19.99                                 $21.95                            $22.99

I found these killer vintage boots in the last few weeks and I am complete in awe of them.  Where can you find leather boots like this for under $25???  They’re all one-of-a-kind, I don’t have to worry that everyone will also be wearing them, and-huge plus- they’re already broken in for me.  Do a search for “vintage boots (insert your size here)” and see what footwear wonderment awaits you!!

PS:  Always look for the orange “Free Shipping” icon and it will save you serious cash!!

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Fall Fashion: Blazer, Jeans and oh-so hot pLeather Leggings!

Sundays have inevitably become my day, since my DH is not only a HUGE Eagles fan, but also a season ticket holder.  So I spent the bulk of my day shopping up a deal storm all over town!  Here’s what I found:

Amazing Theory Blazer for $59 on Clearance at TJ Maxx.  And while this purchase did exceed my golden $50/item rule it was so worth it and see Grey Ankle Jeans below if you need more convincing.

Black Skinny Jeans with the most amazing fit for $16.50 at Old Navy.  I promised myself to full disclosure on this blog, so I will let you know that I am not above shopping in the kiddie section and that’s exactly where these babies came from!

Grey Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans for $24.50 at Old Navy also in the Kids section.  And,  this is VERY IMPORTANT, I always cross-check prices online (which you should always do) and found them there for $16 so I immediately went back and got my $8.50 back!

And the icing on the cake, my highly coveted pLeather Leggings for $42 at American Apparel.  Now, that’s a little pricey, as is everything at AA and I don’t promote ever buying basics here, but I have been obsessing about them for weeks so it qualifies for 2 reasons.

1. It was not an impulse buy

2. They will make me look like a rockstar and I have endless tops/tunics and Louboutin heels to pair them with so I don’t have to spend any more money to make an unforgettable outfit!

I’m also wearing one of the above mentioned unforgettable outfits on Tuesday night to a party so I will post the final look for your viewing pleasure.

Grand Total for 4 Must-Have Fall items:  $ 133.50

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Fall Fashion: Part 1

In an effort to curb my spending on totally unnecessary items that I’ll never wear (you should how many things in my closet still have F21 tags!) I’ve decided to make a list of items that are essential-according to me- must have’s for this season.  I love Fall Fahion-especially the boots- like no one’s business and once the temperature drops below below 80… it’s game on!  Here’s my re-re-re-edited list of items that I am allowed to purchase:

  1. Fur Swing Coat
  2. Plaid Shirt Dress
  3. Black Suede Fringe Boots 
  4. Hunter Rain Boots
  5. Black pLeather Leggings
  6. Black Shrunken Blazer
  7. Black and Grey Ankle-zip Skinny Jeans
  8. Black Wool (cashmere maybe?) Coat
  9. ?????
  10. ?????

As you can tell, I’m very into Black and that’s only because I refuse to wear it during the Spring/Summer so the only time I can exhaust the color is during the Fall/Winter.  I left #9 and #10 blank because I prefer to write my lists in 10’s and I’m really not sure just what will go into those two blanks just quite yet, but I’ll let you know.  

As always, the bulk of these purchases will be made for well under what you would expect to pay and I’ll post my findings as I work my way down the list.  Happy Shopping!

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