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928d334bb0c50b48_goyard_computer_casexxlargeI can’t live without my MAC which is why I love my Macbook…it’s lightweight, does everything my desktop can, and even though it’s not the shiny new silver one, I still love it and honestly…I’m partial to the old school white ones!!

With such a sleek and stylish laptop, I can’t be expected to put it into one of those dorky, computer cases that they sell at Office Depot, so I’ve been searching for just the right case to carry my laptop in.  I saw this Goyard case in the January issue of Vogue and instantly fell in loooooooove, but the $830 price tag killed my crush.

yhst-73785562141542_2040_9382533Maybe one day if I ever become the CEO of some important TBD company I’ll reward myself with something this extravagant, but until then, I think something equally as stylish and much more budget-friendly, like this fab faux-croco one will have to do!


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