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Rush to Ruche

picture-22Every once in a blue moon, I come across a store that I can’t believe actually exists…and today that store is Shop Ruche.

This place is a wonderland of feminine prints, vintage-inspired styling and unbeatable prices…think of it as an Anthropologie with 75% markdowns year round!  They have an incredible selection of tops, dresses, skirts, accessories and even outwear.  I spent a LONG time shopping around the store and with the exception of two coats (like this amazing blue number here) everything, and I mean everything is under $50!

I liked WAY too many things to include them all, so here a few of my favorites from the site:

picture-61Style Links:
Silk Sheer Bow Blouse, $49.99
Segue Flowing Ruffle Vest, $29.99
Shimmy Disco High-Waist Dress, $39.99
Faded Dots Organic Bubble Top, $36.99
Mellifluous Green Teal Dress, $45.99

And as be sure to use coudpon code cheapchicas for 10% off your entire order!


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