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Play Thing


For the longest time I kept calling this style of clothing a “romper” but our friends across the pond in the UK have come up with a much better name…a playsuit!!

I think that moniker perfectly captures the spirit of this one-piece and should you choose to try out this look, style it in a playful way…think casual fabrics, fun colors and kitschy prints.

I’ve been looking for a playsuit for quite a while now, but I was only able to find dressy, silk-y “going out” versions, and IMO those are a fashion don’t.  They give off too much of that “Jenny From the Block/On the 6” vibe.  I suggest wearing these in a much more casual way, like with cute sandals on a warm summer day or as a bikini cover up at the beach!  The ones above are all from ASOS and you can click here to check out their entire “playsuit” collection!

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