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Technicolor Nightmare

picture-311One of the biggest trends on the red carpet was color…unfortunately, these gowns were not the way to do color.   The first dress isn’t even that bad, and I actually like the rich green shade…unfortunately, the overall styling totally missed the mark.

Christina Applegate is usually on my best dressed list, but this green sack thing did her amazing body no favors.  If she wanted to be comfortable, she should have at least upped the glam factor with standout jewelry.  That long diamond necklace totally looks out of place and it only emphasizes the general messiness of the dress.  The earrings look like a solar system hoovering around her face and she really needed pick something more classic and elegant to elevate the casualness of the gown.

And what happened to Eva Longoria??  She truly wowed in that stunning red gown at the Golden Globes, but she must have asked Robert Verdi to dress her again because she’s back to the overdone, over styled prom-queen business again.

My general feeling about tonight’s red carpet looks was …boooooring.  These women left me wanting and expecting more, so let’s hope and pray that the Oscar’s really deliver!

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StyleProfile: Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival officially kicked off yesterday, so I thought I’d have a look at some of the fashions- the good, the bad and the UGLY- from last year…


and as you can see from these pictures, celebrities + cold weather = bad fashion choices…so I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fashion don’ts to discuss over the next two weeks!  And since my husband happens to be in Park City this weekend, I’m hoping he’ll get some candid/papparazzi style shots that I can post for your entertainment purposes!

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