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Look for Less: Black Halo


$328 Black Halo

It’s really rare that I like every piece in a collection or that I want more than just a few pieces from one line, but upon introduction to Black Halo all of that went out the window! The make the most flattering, modern and beautiful clothes ever and it’s exactly waht I would wear if I worked at Vogue or had endless cocktail dates! I happened to find one of their dresses at a warehouse sale where it was marked down to $49.99…it was 2 sizes too big and the zipper was busted but those are easy fixes for my tailor and I was determined to add one of their signature dresses to my wardrobe!

I’ve gotten so much mileage from just one dress (and countless compliments), so you can bet that I’m always on the look-out for a sample sale or a clearance markdown from one of the big retailers…but so far, no luck. Until today…

$49.50 Alloy

$49.50 Alloy

I was doing my daily online browsing when I came across an near perfect replica of one of BH’s dresses on the Alloy website for only $49.50. The length is a little shorter but that saves me from having to hem it and I actually like this legnth better than the original. Aside from that, it’s just perfect and I know it’s not the same label, but given these financial times, it will have to do for now…and at the end of the day, after incorporating some signature accessories, I’m sure no one will know but me!

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