Look for Less: Tribal

$200, Cynthia Vincent

$200, Cynthia Vincent

One of the biggest trend for Spring 2009 will be an updated version of last year’s Boho-chic and the Fashion powers that be have coined this new trend, Tribal.  I happen to love this concept and think that there’s no better time to break out the hippie inspired accessories like fringe bags, shoes, jewelery, etc….than during the upcoming warmer months!

I found these adorable flats at Piperlime but the $200 price tag totally killed it for me… until I recalled that I had spotted a similar pair of shoes at Wanted Shoes.

$39.99, Wanted Shoes

$39.99, Wanted Shoes

Their version comes in Black, Natural, Orange, Brown and it’s a dead ringer for the Cynthia Vincent ones at a fraction of the cost…$39.99 to be exact!

I totally expect this to be the sandal of the Summer to don’t hesitate to buy them just becasue there’s an inch of snow on the ground!



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3 responses to “Look for Less: Tribal

  1. dEsIsLiVa

    I think you’ve good the wrong URL there…
    http://www.wantedshoes.com/ 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I too was directed to the wrong site…but http://www.wantedshoes.com comes up when you click on the shoe not the URL adress.

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