Look for Less: L.A.M.B.


L.A.M.B. $344.95

Gwen Stefani is a true wonderwoman!  Not only does she have a gorgeous husband, adorable tots, an amazing voice and off the charts personal style, but she also happens to be at the helm of one of my favorite brands, L.A.M.B.

Their clothing collection is always inspiring, but lately it’s been their shoes and handbags that have me all worked up.  I love all of the funky details, the rock and roll feel, and the fact that Gwen sure does know how to design a heel…4″ and higher on all of her styles!


Forever 21 $28.80

Unfortunately, I can’t usually spend $350 for a pair of her sky-high stilettos so when I saw these marked down to $180.23, I lingered my mouse over the “add to cart” button and then I snapped back to reality! I can’t afford to spend that kind of money right now, so I quickly talked myself down from my purchase high.

The real reason I wanted these shoes was for the striking “black and tan” (not the beer!) combo…and after some on-line browsing, I was able to produce a very L.A.M.B. inspired shoe from Forever 21 that had a similar woven quality along with an ankle strap.  Thankfully, the F21 versions were more along the CheapChica price range…only $28.80!

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  1. The ones from Forever 21 are just as pretty!

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