Fashion Savvy

picture-312Update: I know some of you were getting error messages when trying to sign up but I’ve spoken to the IT person at Savvy and they said they are in the process of fixing the error message, but they’ve assured me that they are getting your name/email addresses from the form.  Sorry for the technical difficulties!


When I lived in New York, I couldn’t walk down the street without seeing a sign for a sample sale, but since moving to Philadelphia, I’ve been feeling pretty left out of the sample sale scene.  I really miss scoring 70% off designers I could never even imagine buying at retail and something about hunting through all that merchandise for just the right item feels oh-so invigorating!!

So you can only imagine how excited I was when I came across  It’s a website dedicated to online samples sales and they’ve hosted some of the hottest designers like MaxMara, Sissi Rossi, Rebecca Taylor and Rachel Roy.  All you have to do is sign up on their site and then log into your account on the day of the sample sale.  Each sale usually lasts 36 hours and once you’re on their site, it’s just like regular old, online shopping…except that you’re getting access to wholesale and even below wholesale prices!

bulga2Up next on the site is Bulga on February 4th…so be sure to mark your calenders if you’re in the market for an amazing deal on a new handbag!!  And after a little grovelling, I was able to get yall $10 off your next Savvy purchase with promocode CHICAS2434.  Happy Shopping!!



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5 responses to “Fashion Savvy

  1. Stefania

    I tried signing up and it kept giving me an error or redirecting me… what gives? 😦

    • cheapchica11

      i just emailed the tech person at the savvy…
      i’ll let yall what’s going on shortly. i think they might be undergoing some maintenance.

      thanks for your patience!

  2. Stefania

    thanks for checking into it 🙂

  3. JennyD

    thank you very much. I live in Miami, and i have tried to look for sample sales, but no luck. Also have sample sales. Thank You

  4. Stefania

    It looks like you have to have a current member “sponsor” or invite you to be a member of…

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