Shibuya Revealed

59969401-05Really?  That’s what I got all excited about…

The new Shibuya Mon Amour collection (not that 8 T-shirts constitutes a collection, but…) at Forever 21 consists of cute-ish animal prints on your basic T-shirt.  The shirts were designed by LA shop owner Jeanie Lee who owns a very over-priced and non CheapChica-y store called Satine.  Considering the average price point in her store is somewhere around $250, I’m quite surprised that Forever choose her for the collaboration…but thank goodness the prices are more Forever 21 than Satine.  The shirts retails from $12-$14.50.

I think they’re cute, but do we really need another T-shirt line???


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One response to “Shibuya Revealed

  1. Anna

    Honestly, I was pretty disappointed in them. I hoped there would be more pieces, at least.

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