Savings on Beauty

picture-28So my BFF tipped me off to an amazing new website called Lifebooker.  It’s basically like Orbitz for Spa/Salon services, but the only drawback is that it’s only available for New York and Los Angeles…right now.

On Lifebooker you can search, browse, and book appointments at some of the top beauty spots in your city all from the convenience of your computer.  No more having to whisper “Bikini Wax” and “Brazilian” from the confines of your office cubicle!  But the real reason they caught my eye is becuase they negotiate exclusive deals with top salon’s like Rita Hazan and Cristiano Cora in Manhattan, then pass on those discounts to you by offering appointments at dramatically discounted prices!  I was able to get a $180 haircut for just $90 at a top salon …on a Saturday!

The site is very user-friendly and you can search for countless services including: lash extensions, acupunture, facials, hair color and the ever popular, mani/pedi!

Let’s hope they decide to expand their list of cities becasue I could totally use something like this in my life!


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  1. thank you thank you thank you for this…I just moved to LA and have no idea where to find a good esthetician! This will help tremendously.

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