Bag 911 + Shop Suey Giveaway


As a girl that always prefers to buy color, I don’t own too many black bags…but I know many of you have a hard time getting out of the black bag rut!

One of my best friends recently asked me to find her a fabulous non-black bag that could easily transition from work to weekend and that looked like a true designer buy.  Her only requests were that it had to have some eye-catching details and that it retailed for under $75.

After striking out all weekend, I remembered one of my favorite on-line boutiques for celebrity and designer inspired handbags… Shop Suey!  Their bags are affordable, totally stylish and reflect some of the hottest trends in fashion!  I found this TDF (to die for) Marla Satchel there for only $58 and it comes in Brown, Red and Navy… so there’s plenty of colors to choose from!!

Now for the FREE stuff…

I contacted Heather at Shop Suey to ask about a giveaway for you guys and she very generously offered to sponsor one!  One lucky reader will win this MARLA bag and just in case you don’t totally love this style…if you win, you can pick any bag off the Shop Suey site as your prize!!!  All you have to do is:

1. Go to Shop Suey by clicking here;

2. Look through the handbags on their site and then leave a comment on this post with your favorite Shop Suey style;

3. On Tuesday, January 27th, I will pick a number at random and the author of that corresponding comment will win their favorite Shop Suey bag!

GOOD LUCK!!  Shop Suey also has a special code for all of your CheapChica readers…use discount code cheapchica at check out to receive 20% off (no expiration date) your next purchase!!

NOTE: Winner will be notified by 3pm on 01/27/09 in a separate post and via email.  Contest is only open to US residents.



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118 responses to “Bag 911 + Shop Suey Giveaway

  1. Hello. 🙂 Thank you so much for doing this! That’s a great website…I’m definitely adding them to my bookmarks. 🙂

    My favorite bag is the Cheryl tote in pink. 🙂

  2. lovevigilante

    Great site! I really like the Natasha Satchel in purple. Thanks! 🙂

  3. reeva

    I love the Kathy hat. I’d totally wear it!

    Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner.

  4. Araceli

    One of my favorite handbags from the site is the REECE SATCHEL bag.

  5. magda

    i’m loving this marla bag and the 20% discount is great. i think i’ll be sending some as gifts to friends!

  6. magda

    lovin this marla bag. so cute and versatile!

  7. Wow.. what a great shop! I think my favorite is the Mary Satchel in purple.. I love colored bags with lots of pockets! I also loved the Hannah Satchel in purple or green but sadly neither are in stock.

  8. Paula

    LOVE THE BAG!! It really is a perfect work-to-play bag! Pick me, pick me!!!

  9. Angie

    The cecilia hobo bag definitely caught my eye. Not a bag I usually go for, but I think thats why I like it so much.

    PS I love your blog & read it daily!

  10. Henna

    Thanks for doing this! And this Shop Suey site is too cute! Saving this in My Favorites for sure.

    I really like the Cecilia Hobo Bag.

  11. lise

    I’m digging the mary satchel bag.

  12. Megann

    I love love love the Mary satchel in purple, followed very closely by the Reese satchel, also in purple.

  13. Carolyn G

    I love the Beth hobo bag.

  14. rebecca w

    i love the beige patty satchel! a little homage to chloe, i presume. 🙂

    ps- love this blog.

  15. Alecia

    I like the Marla satchel in red….so many compartment options. 🙂

  16. Irina

    The Kayla Satchel is my favorite. 🙂

  17. Ashley

    Definitely a tie between Reece and Mary, great site!

  18. Leah

    Like you, I LOVE the Marla bag in Brown. I would love to win it. So lovely for a wonderful price!
    Thank you so much for posting!

  19. Taylor

    My favorite is definitely the Tania Tote Bag in Red. Very sexy.

  20. Lisa Kate

    wow! this is awesome!! i love the site, really wish i could afford even one of those purses right now!

    my favorite is the natasha satchel in pink…or white ;o)

  21. Raha

    Love the ANNIE HOBO BAG in pewter

  22. Ali

    definitely loving the Marla bag in red!

  23. Actually, I am loving this bag…but I am also in love with the Barbara Satchel. It’s so gorge!

  24. Christine

    i love your site!!

    JOCELYN SATCHEL BAG in black please 🙂

  25. Lindsay

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve can see the designer inspirations for some of these.
    I like the white Beth Hobo.

  26. Caroline

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Thanks =)

    My favorite after this Marla Satchel would be the Cecilia Hobo Bag. The print is very unique

  27. Ooh, I love them all! Really! But if I have to pick, I say Maggie! No, Layla! Wait, Bailey! Aah! I can’t choose just one! Please pick me!

  28. Amy

    Amber Shoulder Bag in RED!!!

  29. Tam

    I like the Marla satchel and it comes in a nice Navy color…That is always a hard to find combination (cute color/bag)!!

  30. Amy

    Amber Shoulder bag in RED

  31. Natasha

    OMG!! It’s hard to make a choice! I love, love, love this site and I am totally ordering the bow clutch this pay day. I selection will be “the nicole”. Sooo cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Love the Marla it is TDF!!!! I also like the Pandora…but def the Marla!!!
    Thanks for entering my name.

  33. Alex

    I like the Tiana tote in black!

    …although it defo is hard to pick a favorite 🙂

  34. mj

    I am going with the Barbara Satchel- but it was a tough decision!

  35. The Katie Stachel in the Green. It is awesome!


    …but the Marla in Red is pretty nice too.

  36. 🙂
    I’ve recently become a big fan of you!!

    My fav is:

    MARY SATCHEL BAG (the first on the first page, on any color, except blue!) 🙂

  37. jennifer

    Love the Marla but next fav is Ramona Satchel!!!

  38. Barbara

    Hi! Well, of course I love the Barbara——it is my name after all! And I like it in brown. Great bag for work. Thanks!!

  39. patty

    like the vickie tote and then of course i have to vote for the patty satchel…

  40. Caitlyn

    I love the Linda Hobo in tan. It may be pretty simple, but that works perfect with my style!

  41. Kim

    I LOVE the Marla bag. Chic, cool and a great price to boot. I also love the Jocelyn Satchel.

  42. I like the croco cheryl tote! The purple one is best, but if it’s still out of stock I like the navy, too.

  43. Nancy

    The Marla bag is to die for. That is definitely my favorite bag. Good luck. I hope I win. Thanks

  44. Krystal

    I love this Marla Bag…in any color…super super cute!

  45. Nancy

    I absolutely love the Marla Satchel in brown. It is gorgeous. Good Luck, I hope I win. Thanks Cheap Chica for the opportunity. Love your blog.

  46. Lauren L

    I like the RAMONA SATCHEL in brown or purple, cute, sophisticated and versatile!

  47. I really like the Marla bag in brown. Thanks for the opportunity Cheap Chica. I love your blog!!!

  48. I like the… JOCELYN SATCHEL BAG

  49. Kiana

    i looove the barbara satchel…it looks gorg in hot pink ;] and I’m a sucker for the quilted syndee tote.

    p.s.- ur blog is awesome…I’m now in love with forever21 because of you ;]

  50. Chaman

    Oh the Marla Satchel bag is pretty spiffy, especially in brown & navy blue. What a good idea for a contest. 🙂

  51. I love the brown Marla Bag plus I also love the Mary Satchel Bag in purple.

  52. Rebecca

    Love the Marla bag! So cute 🙂

  53. shari

    Luv the bag; luv being on yr list!! What a great site…the croco cheryl and jocelyn satchel are my other favorites! Keep up the great info! ;-}

  54. renee

    i love, love the RAMONA SATCHEL . . . I want to order one right now!!!

  55. Michelle

    I love the Marla Satchel in Brown but a close 2nd is the Pandora Satchel in Navy. There were so many great bags to choose from it was hard even narrowing this contest down to two!

  56. Jane

    I love the Barbara Satchel in pink. I can think of so many spring outfits it would look great with.

  57. I like the Kelly shoulder bag in black or the Susan satchell in pewter

  58. Cat

    Cute stuff! I love the Pandora in blue!

  59. alisab

    Love them–I especially like the Audrey bag–reminds me of something super rich looking!

  60. Shanila

    My favorite is the Marla Satchel in brown. Thanks for the great tips!

  61. Abby

    Hi- this is a great site, I saw it on Bust’s e-newsletter and am adding it to my dailies. The Bailey is very chic. Thanks!

  62. Jeanne

    Nice giveaway Lilli! 🙂 I like the Cristina Satchel. Would be perfect for work or play!

  63. Stefania

    I absolutely looove the Marla bag and the Cristina Satchel. Both bags have such a luxe-looking texture for a cheap price. The Cristina has interesting hardware and is versatile enough to bring to the gym or work.

    I hope that I win! 🙂

  64. Joanna

    The MARY SATCHEL BAG in purple is the one I would pick. It’s pretty, functional, and sassy!

  65. We love the Natasha Satchel!

  66. Anna

    I love the Marla bag! The red and blue colors are adorable!

  67. Marcy

    I love love LOVE the Mary Satchel Bag. Thanks for a great site, I’m sorta obsessed now.

  68. el

    purple mary satchel bag, its so cute

  69. ny

    I like what you chose — the Marla satchel bag in brown!

  70. Heather

    I love the Megan tote in grey — a bit lighter than black, but still basic and neutral. Its big enough to carry all my stuff around, classic enough to take to work, but not so fussy that I couldn’t take it out on the weekend. And though it is simple enough to satisfy my need for simplicity, thoughtful details like the brushed brass handles really put the icing on the cake!

  71. Sarah

    she has a great bag selection! very hard to choose but I think the Fiona hobo is one of my favorites. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. teri

    The Carrie Shoulder bag! named after my favorite TV character of all time!! Ms. Bradshaw.. and of course she’s scream where are the matching shoes!!

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  74. I love theMarla bag. I also love the super cute baby bag with changing pad. It totally looks like a purse NOT a diaper bag!

  75. Jules

    I love the Reese satchel. The Marla bag is great too. Great site!

  76. Emily

    I like the Marla Satchel!

  77. Zara

    WOW! They’re all gorgeous! The MARLA satchel is my absolute favorite but the BETH hobo is a close second! Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Renee

    I had a hard time choosing but the Patty Satchel strikes my fancy!

  79. Berta

    Thanks for offering this giveaway – All the bags are so chic!! I’m really fond of the Barbara Satchel!!

  80. Felicity

    The Victoria Handbag is so stylish! I’m crossing my fingers for Marla though! lol

  81. Toni

    ….love the Audrey satchel.

  82. Katie Klein

    I love the audrey satchel. (I really love all of them) A girl can never have to many purses!

  83. Laurel

    The Reese satchel is just my style but to be honest the Marla satchel is my very favorite !

  84. Erin C.

    The Katie Satchel in green is so pretty!!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

  85. mindy

    i like the sally tote thanks for the giveaway

  86. angela c

    I like the black Patty Satchell
    angelacisco at

  87. Tracey Byram

    Thanks for the intro to Shop Suey. i will be back later to purchase. They have styles to fit every taste at great prices, too. My fave is the NATASHA SATCHEL. Pink is really in now and the bag is just right for me.

  88. Cathy W.

    There are so many great bags on the site! I really like the Mary Satchel Bag. I’d love it in every color, but if I had to choose just one, I’d pick the cream color. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  89. sherry gibbs

    Soooooooo many bags and I have to pick just one…okay since I love a large bag when I travel on a plane I am going for the CHEETAH MEGAN TOTE. I love a bag where I can keep all of my essentials right with me at all times!

  90. lisa

    My favorite is the sasha hobo bag.

  91. LJ

    Wow — that was a hard decision. There are many beautiful bags on the site. However, if I must pick one, I guess it would be the Brown BELINDA SATCHEL.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to all. 🙂

  92. Shellie Seering

    I love the BARBARA SATCHEL. The bright pink color is a burst of sunshine for bleak winter days!

  93. durberville

    I love the Sally Tote Bag….the bow effect is cute!

  94. Dawn Yates

    Love the Croco Cheryl Tote. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  95. I like the marla in brown the best, but the mary satchel in black is a close 2nd.


  96. Celeste

    Susan Satchel!

  97. Carol

    I LOVE the Marla Bag!

  98. omg the spy bag is to die for! can imagine myself in a trench in the dark nights down the boulevards in copenhagen.. and at day time with the rochelle satchel! what a generous boutique!

  99. Reba

    The Debra tote is on my wish list, but even more than the bags, I love the hats and aprons.

  100. scoomer

    The white Beth Hobo is my fav!

  101. Yvonne

    Love the Jocelyn satchel!

  102. Susan

    Loved the Sally tote bag, especially in blue!

  103. Raleigh

    The Barbara satchel is my pick!

  104. Renee G

    I love the Mary Satchel Bag. It looks like it could hold all the “stuff” I cart around.


  105. Jodi

    I would love the Barbara Satchel in Black if I win! Thanks so much!

  106. cheryl kelley

    I like the Reese satchel bag.

  107. Love the Fiona Hobo bag. Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. Karen M

    Wow, they have some great bags, but my favorite was the Barbara Satchel in hot pink. I think it would be a great color for spring, if it ever gets here.

  109. Tiffany S.

    I really love the bag you are offering to give away but if I had to choose another I really like the style of the Mandy satchel, but not the color. Thank you for the opportunity.

  110. Michelle P

    tiana tote in red is adorable.

  111. Kim V

    I like the Marla satchel in red.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  112. Peggy Gorman

    Wow ,to find a handbag that is me, shows my style and personality. The bag that I love is SASHA HOBO BAG,so pretty and I love the light gold . Love it ! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  113. Arlene Anthony

    I like the Susan satchel bag.

  114. Amanda Keith

    Great site! I love the Shirley hobo in Brown.

  115. Lillie

    The Sally tote bag is super cute.

  116. Gail

    I love the Monica tote in burnt orange but the Marla satchel up for grabs is cute too!

  117. Kathy D

    I LO VE BAGS I really like the Tania Tote Bag in Red

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