picture-26I want to take a minute to highlight the newest addition to this blog, StyleCents.

Each week I receive countless coupons codes, promos, sale alerts, offers, etc… and I’m always conflicted about what to do with all that information!  While I want to share the savings and spread the wealth, I don’t want to clutter the home page with coupon code after coupon code…IMO, there’s way more important things to post about!

So instead of posting a long list on the home page, I created a special page to house all of these great offers.  Each week, I’ll go through all the sales and promotions for you and post the best deals in cyberspace!  And as always, comments and suggestions are always welcome so if you have a better idea for sharing this info or if you have a special code you’d like to share, please let me know!


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2 responses to “Introducing…

  1. Hello Chica! I’ve recently started reading your blog, and love it. I know you are hispanic ( I am as well), and I just love how you incorporate that feminine/sexy Latina touch to your style picks. I was really looking for a blog like yours, with advice on how to save $$$ when shopping, and looking fab. Oh so glad I found it! 🙂

  2. JennyD

    can’t wait for that, my credit cards have been itching for sales

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