I rarely buy a black pair of shoes.  Sure I have the standard issue black pump (if you consider 4″ patent Sigerson Morrisons standard) and a pair of black “shoeties”, but my eye always always wanders towards color and texture when it comes to shoes…not to mention, I always like wearing the unexpected when it comes to footwear.

A few weeks ago, a pair of graphic black and white McQueen heels totally caught my eye and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  I thought of all the items in my closet…skirts, dresses, jeans, even the dreaded black pant…that would greatly benefit from this shoe.  So when I found this pair I clicked “add to cart” faster than you can say yes, please ….these are black, white, delicious and only $79.95 at Bakers.

And while I might have to hold off on wearing them for a few more months, these are totally worth waiting for!

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2 responses to “Sh-Oreo

  1. l

    is 80 dollars supposed to be cheap??

  2. cheapchica11

    It is when the original shoes I was inspired by were $805! I’d call $80 a total STEAL!

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