“Hammer” pants go Glam

ralph_lauren_ny_fw_1 I was just a young child in the early 90’s, so I never actually owned a pair of Hammer pants…but I clearly remember doing the dance in my living room and knowing that my choreography would look that much better if I just had those damn pants!!

Well, thanks to Ralph Lauren and a slew of other designers, you can now own a much more sophisticated and expensive pair just like these.

And as with every fashion re-invention, the pants needed a fancy new name, so they’ve been coined “harem” pants, because no one would actually buy them if there were still “hammer” pants!

My initial reaction when Katie Holmes first wore these was YUK…but I think they might be growing on me and the amazing fantasy Safari styling from Ralph Lauren’s Spring ’09 show makes me want to run out and buy a pair of gold, glittery ones right now!


TwelvebyTwelve $29

If you’re bold enough to try this look, find a pair that has some movement and that doesn’t have that horrible “drop crotch” like the originals… and as with most off- the- runway looks, it might also help if you’re built like Gisele!

I’m not totally sold on this trend yet, nor am I ready to spend any money on something that will surely be on the “out” list by the end of this season, so for now this pair from TwelvebyTwelve will do just fine!


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2 responses to ““Hammer” pants go Glam

  1. Leonard Mckelvey

    Please just tell me no. This has got to be a joke.

  2. KansasKate

    Everything old is new again…

    These were called “harem pants” long before MC Hammer came on the scene and anyone around in the 60’s will remember them on Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Jeannie”. They’re similar to “salwar” pants worn in India (and neighboring countries).

    Dairi and Tienda-Ho both make Moroccan-inspired clothing, including harem pants. Not haute couture, but it’s a look some people like. (see eBay)

    And while I don’t think he makes true harem pants, Eskandar’s high-end line of pants, tunics and sweaters is based on Mid-Eastern tribal costumes. (see Neiman, Saks, Bergdorf)

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