Deal of the Week

picture-19That does it…I’m totally buying an iPhone. I love my BlackBerry but this is just too good to pass up! I’ve been dreaming about this day since I watched Cher use that computer program to search for her perfect outfit in Clueless!!!

A new application (or “app” for all you existing iPhon-ers) called Pocket Closet turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into your personal wardrobe manager. It helps you organize the items in your closet, create outfits, search for items by name or when you last wore them, and you can use the handy built-in calendar to plan what you’re going to wear or review what you’ve worn in the past.  That’s right, no more worrying about outfit repeats!

Need help deciding what you’re going to wear? Well, just give your iPhone a quick shake and Pocket Closet will suggest an outfit…and the best part, it only cost $.99 so click here to download!

But if you don’t have an iPhone or aren’t planning on buying one anytime soon, don’t fret.  You can also take advantage of similar functions by downloading Dress Assistant for $19.95…it’s like having your own virtual closet right on your computer!



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2 responses to “Deal of the Week

  1. JennyD

    Since we in a recession $20 is whole lot of money. Take a tip from Kimora Simmons, get an old camera and take pictures of your outfit(shoes and other accesories included), and when the times come, you’ll know what to wear for work or social outing. Use your polaroid people.

  2. Samantha

    You can download the demo for free. no expiration date but limited to only 20 clothing items

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