Look for Less: Nicole Richie

picture-18Let me start by saying that Nicole has looked nothing less than stellar since giving birth to her adorable tot Harlow (btw, it’s one of my favorite celebrity baby names)! I think the post-pregnancy weight did her body wonders and she has never looked better…she seems to finally feel comfortable in her own skin and has truly hit her style stride! I hope that one day very far away, when I finally decide to have a little of my very own, I can chase after him/her in 4″ Loubs as effortlessly as Nicole does!

But I digress, the point of this post is to highlight how easy (and inexpensive) it is to update a very basic look of jeans and a tee, by simply adding a bold dose of color. Her red pea coat takes her outfit from ordinary to extraordinary and you can’t ignore the well-strategized accessories which complete the entire look:

Chunky beanie, check

Fabulous round sunglasses, check

Balenciaga Le Dix bag, check

Louboutin Ron Ron pumps, check

And while it probably cost Nicole an extraordinary amount to appear this effortlessly chic, here’s a much more budget-friendly alternative to her winter look:picture-112

Style Links: Black Pumps $55, Black Skinny Jeans $29.99, Red Trench Coat $49.50, Chunky Knit Beret $10.50, Black Satchel $48, Sunglasses $16.75


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