A Breath of Fresh Air



Leave it to Cameron to inject some much needed color and add an element of risk to the red carpet. Does anyone know if she still works with Rachel Zoe? Or did she put this together herself? Either way, she looks fantabulous in this Chanel dress and she’s sporting one of my picks for the hottest trends of Spring 2009: Asymetrical.

I totally love this shade of Barbie pink on her and the girl knows how to pick a silhouette that perfectly complements her body. Her tanned and toned shoulders/arms are the focus and rightfully so…how do I get my arms to look like that???  And while this look isn’t for everyone, I love that it’s different, modern and de-constructed.   There’s something really fresh about it that was missing from many of tonight’s looks.

Her hair and make-up team also deserve a huge thank you tonight…her bold red lips perfectly complement her dress without overpowering it. I think it was a great color choice and it makes the whole look seem more grown up.


I also love her hair this color and the longer length is a much needed update. She usually has it much shorter and choppier, so I’m happy to see it styled down and in soft waves. I’m guessing the new long locks are thanks to some very expensive extensions, but if I were her, I would totally keep them!

She looks beautiful!



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7 responses to “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Lisa Lee

    Wow…you like this but diss Drew’s hair!
    This dress was as flattering to her overall shape as a dress from Dress Barn. Actually two dresses of completly different styles sewn together by my blind grandmother.
    Asymetrical is one thing(I realize we are now channeling the eighties) but part of the dress looked like she was wearing a sash from a pageant and part of it looked like she had caught in the door of the limo and it ripped and she was dragging it behind her.
    Having color is great but while the color is nice it sooo screams Malibu Barbie. I think she might want to rethink who she gets her style advice from.

  2. cheapchica11

    yup, LOVE it! it’s chanel haute couture and it’s a complete masterpiece. the look you’re describing, “sewn together by your blind grandma” is called abstract and it takes an incredible amount of skill and time to create. most haute couture gowns aren’t designed for the masses, they’re designed for a audience that appreciates texture, attention to detail, ingenuity and true workmanship.

  3. I, too, absolutely loved Cameron’s look – I thought she lit up the red carpet and looked completely fab. Suited her perfectly.

  4. dexie76

    I like the dress and I am pissed at how Cameron butchered it. But that’s just my opinion of course 🙂

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  6. Lisa Lee

    I am aware of how many chinese children it takes to sew together a HAUTE COUTURE dress. I just think this one was not worth the effort.

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