Oh no she didn’t….

carolinaherrera_300Carolina Herrera, one of my personal style icons and one of the best dressed women in the world, has some serious ‘splaing to do…

In a recent interview with The Times, Herrera said that “Long hair after 40 is out in my book as it looks too messy and too young. Women need to learn how to age gracefully.”

Um, who said anyone is “aging” at 40?!?  Isn’t 40 the new 30?  Come on Carolina, just because you chose to chop off your locks does not mean that the rest of us have to follow suit.  I think long hair can look beautiful on woman in her 40’s and even into her 50’s…and by long hair I mean just past shoulder length, not down to your bum!  It’s all about finding a sleek hair cut that works for your face and then making sure you maintain it well.  As someone about to enter my 30’s who has has patiently been growing her hair for years, the idea of cutting it all off just because I turn a certain age is ridiculous.

Look at someone like French Vouge editrix, Carine Roitfeld

carine_love_your_stylethe woman is 54 years old and doesn’t follow any of the fashion “rules” designed for women in their 50’s.  She wears shorts, mini skirts, leather leggings, and sky-high heels all with an unadulterated, sexy, devil-may-care attitude and she can rock these bold fashions better than any 20- something I’ve ever seen!  Regardless of what that woman wears, she oozes pure confidence with every fashion choice and in the words of Tim Gunn, “makes it work“!



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4 responses to “Oh no she didn’t….

  1. JennyD

    Carine looks great. Its funny how carine looks much younger than carolina and they probably the in the same age range.

  2. I love Carine’s style… she is amazingly fabulous and I didnt know she was 54! shes gorgeous

  3. Stefania

    I like her style, but in the pictures posted here, she kinda looks sun/wind burnt. Still better than Carolina though, who seems to be sporting the soccer mom/First Lady hairdo…

  4. Milly

    I love Carolina’s Style….Always so Elegant!

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