Holy Hair Batman!


The dress is gorgeous, but what happened to her hair?!?! It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in LA but Drew looks like she walked through a serious wind tunnel on her way down the red carpet!

Stay tuned for more on all of tonight’s fashion hits and misses from the 2009 Golden Globes!!



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5 responses to “Holy Hair Batman!

  1. Stefania

    actually when I first saw this I didn’t think it was half bad. It is a good idea, it just needed a bit more work…

  2. JennyD

    I actually like Drew Barry in this dress, i have never seen her like this

  3. D

    I agree, the hair was a “hot mess”

  4. Lisa Lee

    I like the hair…it is very Bridget Bardot.
    Drew Barrymore has always been a little more daring on the red carpet, but I appreciate someone who walks her own path instead of having an anorexic, neurotic stylist tell her what looks good on her.

  5. cheapchica11

    As a girl from TX, I’m a fan of big hair…and I like the whole bedhead thing, I just think this “do” could have been tamed a little bit more. She looked really really pretty…dress and makeup were gorge!

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