Que Pasa Vogue??

I read a LOT of fashion magazines, more than I’m proud to admit to, but it’s my job and I just chalk it up to “research”.


As a avid reader in general, I have always enjoyed that Vogue prefers to let their writers write, instead of asking them to provide a dumbed down list a la Cosmo…but after going through this months issues, I’m starting to feel that fashion magazines, like Vogue, Elle and Bazaar have to find new ways to make their content relevant, and not totally obnoxious given our current economy.

Check out this great article in the New York Times which addresses the sad state of this once fashion bible.


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One response to “Que Pasa Vogue??

  1. JennyD

    I read the article about a week ago, and i definitely agreed on the issues of vogue. How many times can i see nicole kidman silicone face on Vogue. They even put Nicole Ritchie on the cover, yet Halle Berry nor Joy Bryant are not in rotation. It’s a race, economy, and age thing. Get rid of Ana NOW.

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