Fringe Benefits

This time of year, I always find something super stylish and chic about this look.  I see tons of celebs looking oh-so-fabulous with their new fringe, but each winter I ask myself the same question…Do I want bangs? Do I like them?  Will they flatter my face?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been tempted to reach for a pair of scissors and just cut them myself…but after much pleading from my hairdresser, I will try my best to resist the urge!


I think bangs can be an easy and cheap way to update your entire look, but if you’re going to get them, Fall/Winter is the only time of year you can actually wear them.  They’re just too heavy for the summer and I can’t imagine that having hair on your face in the scorching July heat can feel good or be good for your skin.

I really love this look on Reese and anything looks good on Kate Moss, but some celebs like Mischa and Kim just can’t get away with it, and my fear is that I’ll fall into that later category.  I think bangs can make you look like a 5 year old, or worse, older… and that’s never a good thing in Hollywood or anywhere for that matter.  But I did find a great guide to help you determine which type of bangs will work best for your face shape!

Since my New Year’s resolution was to be less conservative and less controlling, I think I’ll give Ted (my hair dresser) carte blanche next time I see him and leave it up to him to decide if bangs really are for me!

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