To Fur or Not to Fur

picture-1I’m just catching up on all my fashion news and I came across the Karl Lagerfeld article that has PETA up in arms over his “eat or be eaten” comment.  I for one can’t stand any organization that goes to such extremes to push their opinions on the entire world…if you don’t want to wear fur, great!  If you do, more power to you…it’s cold in the winter and IMO, furs not only keep you stylish, but warm!

And while a chinchilla coat a la J.Lo isn’t in my current budget (nor do I know that it will ever be), I have bought two vintage furs this season that I absolutely love and I think if you’re on the fence about fur, vintage is a great way to’s like style recycling!

Karl the Great concludes, “In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and clothes and even handbags, the discussion of fur is childish”…so what do yall think?  Is fur bad…good…evil???



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6 responses to “To Fur or Not to Fur

  1. dawn

    Speaking as an owner of a hereditary fur I’m probably biased but I agree: wearing leather sneakers and protesting furs in front of SFA is clean hypocrisy.

    I use this as an example because when I was last in NYC, late November 08, there was a line of people wearing Nikes and sandwich boards with messages against fur in front of Saks…like the Saks-Gods are going to say “Hmm, good point.” and return the entire fur salon to the far-north.
    (These people also howled obsceneties at my mother, so again, I’m biased…)
    Good plan, guys: protest the sale and wearing of furs of animals which are already dead.

  2. JennyD

    PETA is out of control, they have become a parody. Wow, i guess they would be against early native americans and early cro-magnons who use the fur of animals in order to survive.

  3. Britt

    To provide balance to this argument, I believe fur is evil – and that the Native American argument is defunct (survival and practical use of an animal while respecting your environment is one thing, wasteful self-indulgence as a status symbol is quite another). Fur is no longer necessary.

    I am a vegetarian and try not to contribute to the meat-machine whenever possible. This includes leather.

    A lot of designers hold true to this belief as well. For more insight on the depth of the inhumane treatment of animals and designers who support alternatives to fur/leather, see this article at the Humane Society of the United States:

  4. Britt

    Also – here’s a list of 100 fur-free designers and retailers!

    (As a rule, I don’t impart my belief system on others, but you asked for feedback! And I do love to educate!)

  5. Stefania

    I am on the fence. I would never buy fur new, but I do love the look of it. I want a vintage fur so badly, but I don’t know where to look. I am in PA. Any ideas??? Thanks!

  6. Kat

    Personally I don’t like the look of fur at all. Whenever I see a fur coat, scarf, etc. I don’t see style; I see a dead animal on someone’s back. Just imagining the several number of animals it took to make that one fur coat is repugnant. It’s not a necessity, it’s just something people want. I mean, I know people who have fur coats and it seems like the thought, “Hm.. this fur coat would really keep me warm in the winter” isn’t of top priority. I do agree that PETA can sometimes be over-the-top, but I agree with them on the issue of fur. To some people the product might look great, but the process of actually producing that product is not something I’d want to think about.

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