The “new” Wayfarer

Wayfarers are soooooo 2008… rayban

Last year, everyone I know…from LES hipsters to New Jersey soccer mom’s…sported the shades that made Tom Cruise famous in Risky Business, but enough is enough and I’m happy to see this trend die.

This year it’s all about the Ray Ban Clubmaster!  This much welcome update is a re-release of an old Ray Ban style, but it’s basically unchanged from the 80’s and really, why mess with a good thing?!?  Many celebs, like Robert Pattinson and Mrs. Pete Wentz, have recently been spotted wearing these new shades.

After trying these on, I can say I’m a huge fan of the half-frames and the gold edging (also available in a silver tone) isn’t bad either!  I also love the fact that I can buy them for under $100!  If there’s one thing I will NOT spend money on it’s designer sunglasses and with this latest offering from Ray Ban, now you don’t have to!

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  1. Gateux

    These are soooo cool. Looks kinda 50′-ish to me. Anyways went to the store and they were almost $150 + tax. Went home sad but saw the link you mention here and tookthe chance and got them for $94 bucks including tax & shipping!!! Oh, and I got them in only 3 days… I look so cool now!

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