Not so Sweet 16

logoFor her 15th birthday, Kira Plastinina got every girls dream come true…a fashion empire designed and built around her.  You see, Kira is the daughter of an orange juice magnate in Russia and her father thought it would be a great idea to bankroll an $80 million dollar fashion empire in his daughter’s name.   She’s Moscow’s answer to Paris Hilton and in order to capitalize on her “fame”, he opened up 12 stores across the US and turned her homeroom fashion sketches  into a line of clothes for teenagers.

Fast forward one year to her 16th birthday and 10 of the 12 Plastinina stores will be forced to close due to the current state of the US economy and slow sales in general.  While most of the items are too junior for my taste, they do have some cute jeans for $14 and everything online  is currently  75% percent off,  so take advantage before all the inventory is gone!

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