Mad for Plaid

When I typically think of Argyle I think of two things: socks and golf. And while I don’t mind a little tartan on my feet, I wasn’t so sure about the pattern as a fashion statement!

Well, all this changed after I was introduced to a little Scottish company called Pringle. This luxury knitwear company has been around since 1815 and is known for their iconic argyle along with their ultra-soft cashmere. While you typically see argyles in classic colors like red, green, navy and grey, Pringle always manages to incorporate unexpcted tones that make the print feel fresh and modern again.

Their stuff is a little on the pricey side, but with the 75% off sale going on at Barneys and Saks, you might just find one of their gorgeous sweaters at a great discount! And if that’s still NITB (not in the budget) try one of these adorable arglye pieces instead! 2Style Links: Hoodie $44.50, V-Neck $22.50, Sweater Vest $24.90


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