Mall Rat

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens taking a break from her very busy schedule of drinking coffee, dating Zac Efron and memorizing her lines for 7th installment of HSM. While I’m not a huge fan of hers, nor do I think she has a very unique sense of style, I looooove the Givenchy Bird Cage Ankle Boots she’s wearing while shopping at Fred Segal.picture-36I don’t typically like the whole cut-out boot/shoe look but there’s just something about these that I can’t stay away from. They remind me of a sophisticated gladiator from the summer that I can get away with during the winter months if I just add tights! In case you can’t afford the Givenchy ones, check out these from Go Jane for a $29.99 spot on replica.


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  1. Totally love that look she’s got. I’m not a HUGE lover of those boots, but the jacket with that longer shirt mixed with jeans, I’m going to have to try that sometime soon! Perhaps Valentines day!

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