Fallen Star


So here’s a great example of how fashion can go terribly, terribly wrong when you don’t trust your own instincts. In the picture on the left we have Ms. Simpson, looking ultra-chic in a boyfriend blazer and bad-ass knee high boots, arriving for her “Fancy” fragrance launch at some suburban Macy’s in the Valley. And on the right we have her at the actual launch…um, excuse me?

What happened?

Did she stop into Rave on the way to the store from the parking lot and let the assistant manager style her????

I mean I can’t even begin to list out all of the fashion sins that this dress is responsible for , so I will say is this…she clearly knows how to dress (see picture on the left) but since she won’t stop with the too tight, too ruched, and too much boob I have permanently cast her onto my worst dressed list. Let’s hope she was just using this desperate dress to try and get Tony’s attention!!



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4 responses to “Fallen Star

  1. JennyD

    Hey, I shop at Rave, and i can guarantee you that they do not carry this type of dress.

  2. Stefania

    Um… Rave is not ok, but Forever21 and Charlotte Russe are? They all pretty much have the same style and price range…

  3. JennyD

    If you did not know, RAVE is now owned by BCBG/Max Azaria and i find BCBG brand there too…so Rave is O.K.

  4. The real sin here is how unflattering the ruched dress is – she has a great figure and it just adds weight.

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