Dear CheapChica

I’m studying abroad in Spain next semester (!!!) and I’ll be arriving in the rainy season, so I need some sort of raincoat…but I want to look cute! Any suggestions??



Delia's $79.50

Delia's $79.50

I am so excited for you! I spent a semester in Madrid and it’s one of my favorite places in the world…the people, the marcha, the food and of course, the entire southern coast! You’re going to have an amazing time and I’m totally jealous!

Like you mentioned, it does rain most of January-March, but it’s also pretty cold so you’ll not only need a waterproof raincoat, but you’ll also need one that’s warm or that you can layer under. When it comes to raincoats, I always stick to the basics. Look for a double breasted style in classic colors like Navy or Khaki and one with classic details, like these cute gold buttons. I usually prefer a trench coat with a tie, but this military style raincoat has a great slim cut so it should fit you really nicely.

Newport News $89.00

Newport News $89.00

The Madrilenos are incredibly stylish and tend to dress up much more than we do in the States, so you may want to consider a raincoat in a dressier material…this way it can do double duty for both day and night. And while I don’t suggest something in Satin, I do recommend a water-resistant material with a nice sheen that will make your entire outfit feel chic…even if you’re just wearing jeans and a tee underneath!

You can’t go wrong with either one of these styles and since they’re both under $100, take your savings and buy yourself a cafe con leche and some churros! Safe travels!


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2 responses to “Dear CheapChica

  1. Stefania

    Both coats are cute, but the Delia’s one is FABULOUS! I am adding that one to my wish list ASAP. Hopefully it will go on sale after the holidays 🙂

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