Passing the Torch

According to Page Six Magazine, Whitney Port is the new Carrie Bradshaw…

picture-38I’ll be the first to admit that if all I got for Christmas was a bootleg copy of the The City’s first season on DVD, I’d be a happy girl…but as much as I love me some Whitney, I can’t quite proclaim her as Carrie 2.0!!  They may both wear covetable fashions, have gorgeous blonde locks and walk the streets of Manhattan like it’s a runway, but their similarities stop there.

Ms. Bradshaw played a character on a TV show, and although she took us on an amazing journey through Manhattan, we always knew this life of hers was pure fiction.  Producers from The City are hoping (and banking on the fact) that viewers will believe Whitney’s life could be anyone’s…including yours.  But as a former 6 year veteran of that City, I know how unlikely her life is.

The real truth about New York, is that it’s one of the most challenging, yet utterly rewarding places to spend your early 20’s.  And while I had the best time of my life and always felt so lucky to have this incredible life experience, I also remember my $27K a year “salary”, eating Ramen for a week (because I blew my paycheck on a Gucci clutch), and feeling awful when I had to ask my parents for help with the rent…again.

The girls from The Hills, and now The City, have no freaking idea how good they have it…nor do the understand the concept of struggle that comes with living in cities like LA and New York.  And while Whitney and her crew will surely provide the ultimate fantasy for many girls across the US, let’s just remember that their “reality” is far from real.


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  1. your best friend

    I would like to say to the girls who are watching and not from NY, no one here lives like these “reality” stars, they must also know that no, NY apts don’t always look like that (even though I don’t know what her apt looks like yet, but trust me). But mostly, I’m really just hoping that this show doesn’t ruin some of my favorite places in the city by filming there-in my neighborhood its extremely likely. F*%$@3!S.

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