Easy Rider


R2 Windsor Boot, $80

Like any girl, I love my heels but on most days wearing my 5″ Louboutins just don’t make sense so I need a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes to get me through my day. In the summer, I alternate between cute flats, gladiator sandals and flip-flops but during these cold winter months I can’t bear the thought of letting my tootsies go uncovered so I need my boots.

I’ve been obsessed with flat motorcycle boots since my last trip to Hong Kong when I saw all the cool, fashion girls wearing theirs with mini-skirts and dresses. I thought the combination looked so current, but when I tried to find a pair here in the states I kept striking out…all of the ones I found were too masculine, had a really chunky heel, came with a lug sole and a whole laundry list of other fashion don’ts. That is, until I came across a pair of Frye boots.

They hands down have the boot market cornered in their ability to blend style and comfort. Their women’s riding/motorcycle boots quickly became a favorite of mine because they have just the right touch of masculinity without making me look like I want to be some hard-ass Harley chic…but I can’t thrown down $300 for a pair of boots right now so I decided on this pair from R2 Windsor since they’re a dead-on ringer and they have exactly what I’m looking for in a perfect, everyday, winter boot!

And since I bought them from Piperlime, I got free shipping!


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