Snow Patrol


So I know I said it was cold a few weeks ago, but after this weekend I now remember what cold really means…

You see I’m a Texan, so after the Summer my body automatically resets to my cold-sensitivity gauge to what it was pre-move (before I moved to the East Coast) and it malfunctions sometimes and that’s why I say that it’s freezing when it’s really only like 40 degrees outside and the real – can’t even bear the thought of leaving my house today – cold is yet to come.

The last few days have been miserable so to cheer myself up I did some shopping for cold weather essentials and found some really cute items all under $50 that will definitely make your winter more bearable…if that’s even possible.  And, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm and don’t need any of this stuff, I’m sure you know someone less fortunate that has a long, hard winter ahead of them…and some heart-shaped earmuffs for Christmas might just be the thing that gets them through it!!

Style Links: Red Puffer Coat $37.80, Heart Ear Muffs $10, Metallic Puffer Vest $25, Sweater Bracelet $2.50, Trapper Hat $11.80, Leg Warmers $7.80, Mittens $12.50, Treetorn Snow Boots $50


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