Art Basel Chic

picture-24If you don’t have an extra million to drop on a piece of art, then your invitation to Art Basel in Miami probably got “lost” in the mail.  

This yearly exhibition of contemporary art is considered the most important show in the US and it definitely brings out all the big guns: collectors, hedge fund guys, and loads of celebrities posing as art connoisseurs to get an invite to some of the hottest parties in South Beach. 

Mrs. Carter and her hubby put on their Sunday best to browse the galleries and I must say that B totally turned it out… I love the her cobalt sheath dress and the look is perfectly suited for the occasion.  It’s exactly what I’d wear if I were shopping for $5 million art for one of my many many homes…  

PS:  I have to point out that she’s sporting my new favorite accessory, a collar necklace to add some bling to her simple dress!

Style Links: Cobalt Mod Dress $24.99, Cluster Necklace $89.00, Leather Blazer $79.99, Snake Pumps $150


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