Scarlette (Shoe) Fever

picture-22A good friend of mine recently asked for help in finding  a beautiful pair of red high heels that she can wear in the summer….simple enough I thought, until she showed me the inspiration.  She had picked two of the most gorgeous pair of shoes, red or not, that I’ve seen in a while…one from shoe-God, Christian Louboutin and another from Charlotte Olympia.  Both pairs oozed style, sophistication and were able to capture the right kind of sexiness that is often lost with red high heels.

Red shoes can be really tricky…they can come off looking trashy and cheap even when they cost a fortune.  So here are some tips when shopping for a red shoe:

picture-331. Look for a slender heel: Anything with a heavy heel or a platform will just make you look like a stripper so avoid them at all costs!

2. Keep the shine to a minimum: Patent can work, but it has to be the right type of shoe, like a D’orsay or a peep toe style.

3. Elegant fabrics go a long way: Look for satin, like this T-strap, to make the shoe look sophisticated and chic.

After looking around online, I was able to find a lot of BAD choices and the GOOD ones were few and far between…especially on a CheapChica budget…but there are some winners out there as long as you know what to look for!

Style Links (T to B): Satin Peep Toe $89.95, Satin T-Strap $98.40, Corsage Sling Back $30

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