Can you even walk in these?

picture-11I appreciate a high-heel more than the average woman…blame it on the fact that on a good day I’m only 5’1″ and that regardless of what you’re wearing, high heels make you look ten times better!

They elongate your legs, make you stand taller and give you a certain confident swagger when you teeter…I mean walk down the street!  I never buy anything less than a 4″ heel and “kitten” or “work-appropriate” heel heights do not exist in my shoe world.

So for all of you fellow vertically challenged readers, Louis Vuitton has made what might be the highest platform I’ve ever seen!  This shoe debuted at their Fall 2008 runway show and was the talk of Paris…and I bet those Parisians were asking exactly what I’m thinking…HOW???

So I’ve been trying to find a pair to try on at my local retailers, but the shoe buyers in Philadelphia have no sense of adventure so I’ve totally struck out on finding them…until yesterday.  I was at the mall doing some Christmas shopping when I saw these staring at me from behind the window of a BeBe store!!!

41pvxebevjl_sl500_sx288_That’s right, the store known for too-tight dresses and low cut tops has knocked off Louis Vuitton!  Their France Suede Platfom Wedge (brilliant name!) comes in blue and violet and retails for only $169.  I tried them on and watched as the sales girl looked at me like I was a crazy person (I was in NJ).  I have to admit that they weren’t as awful as I expected and the wedge part totally makes them wearable…so the answer is YES, I can walk in them!!!

Watch out girls, next time you see me I might be 5’8″!!


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