Fashion Emergency

picture-210I was packing for an appearance on QVC when I came across an product that I had never used…

I must have gotten it in a gift bag from some event and totally forgot that I even had it.  The product was called Mishap Tape and it looked like a fancy version of double-sided Scotch tape that I get for .99 cents at the Dollar store.

I was initially skeptical of the Mishap Tape from Miss Oops because who has the nerve to charge $6.99 for double sided tape???  Well, then I tried it.

I can now say I’m a dedicated user and unlike the Scotch tape, it didn’t leave behind a red mark, sticky residue, nor did it feel like someone was ripping off my skin when I went to remove it.

Miss Oops has an adorable line of products to help you avoid fashion faux pas (VPL anyone?) and help you get through those unexpected fashion emergencies!  They also make handy kits for only $18 that are specifically designed for the Holidays and for new Moms that I think would make great presents for all the fabulous women in your life!

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